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Social Media Marketing

The first rule of brand`s success is knowing its target audience. If your target audience spends more and more time in social networks, then it`s time for you to represent your brand through the Facebook fan page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, etc.

It`s really important to choose the right place (social network) for brand, create promotion strategy and generate regularly interesting and qualitative content.

Social Media Marketing — Kindest Marketing

All-inclusive SMM at a reasonable price




Netpeak pricing is different for every project depending on its challenges, goals and existing competition. To figure out the exact price for your case or get a free SEO consultation please contact our managers or fill our form.

If among your main goals is to attract more visitors to your web-site, promote short-term offer or introduce your community to network users, then social media targeting advertising will be the best variant. Wide targeting opportunities allow to choose accurately your target audience and show your ad only to it.

Minimal monthly budget: none (our commission is 25% on the budget you specify)

This variant with standard “subscriber fee” allows our team to work on the promotion strategy, creation, design and maintenance of the social network community. Expenses on targeted advertising, banners placement, bpurchase of advertising topics on forums and so on are paid above the standard charge.

Promotion on Facebook

The main goal of promotion on Facebook is to reach audience aged 20 to 40, which is active and keen on modern technologies. Facebook offers numerous ways to attract visitors to your community. For example, fan page design, targeted advertising, sponsored stories and others.

Promotion on Twitter

Twitter is microblogging service which allows to post short messages (only up to 140 symbols). Nowadays it`s hard to imagine any progressive brand without microblogging — it is the easiest way to impart news, information about sales and offers, share interesting thoughts and articles. Remind of yourself every day and your attention will be repaid.

Online reputation management

The opinions about company and brand shared on Internet do influence the choice of the potential client. Often companies do not have enough time to follow up the questions, negative reviews and other important mentions of the brand. We offer the monitoring of such mentions and timely qualitative work with them.

And even more

Besides, depending on the goals of promotion, targeting audience and you requests, we are ready to offer you promotion on YouTube, Linkedin, Foursquare, Pinterest and other social networks and services. Promotion offer as well as the budget assessment is formed strictly on an individual basis. We do love bold clients :)

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