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11 Handy Tips for Alcohol-Related Websites


I’ll take you through some gimmicks that can come handy for alcohol drinks websites. Here we’ll be finding out how these micro UX and other little details can make a big difference. If you're above drinking age – then this article is for you :-) 

1. Cocktail Menu with Recipes

It is really convenient when the website contains all the necessary topic-based information dealing with the goods offered. Create a page with the cocktail recipes, made using your beverages. Cocktail Menu with Recipes

2. Detailed Product Description

Don’t skimp on information. Describe the offered goods in detail: drop some lines about the history of the brand and the main ingredients used. History of the Company Development

3. Huge “Live” Photos

Using "live" shooting will engage a large number of users and stir some of their intimate memories. It’s about photographs that convey human emotions. Huge “Live” Photos

4. Puzzle Menu

It’s a convenient and compact option. Design the possibility to navigate the site using a puzzle: place it at the bottom of the page, then, by clicking on it the user can decide which block to open. Puzzle Menu

5. Dynamic Block With Assortment

Save website space by using scrolling. Place the images of goods in a line and turn the slow scrolling on. When hovering over the needed product, the feed stops and zooms in on the selected position. Dynamic Block With Assortment

6 Design as a Piece of Art

Work on the elements of design, consider the color scheme and fonts. This doesn’t mean that the website should look like a rainbow color splash. Choose 2-3 colors and play with their smooth transitions. Make your website aesthetically pleasing, and provoke the desire to come back again and again. Design as a Piece of Art

7. History of the Company Development

If you are selling brand name drinks that are widely known and loved – the history of their creation and development will certainly be of great interest for many people. Moreover, if you add some infographics, you will make users experience a visual journey through time :-) history_of_the_company_development

8. Widescreen Product Image

Alcoholic beverages are not the type of goods for a thumbnail view. Their pictures should produce a real presence effect, as if they were near the user. Upload life-sized product pictures where possible. That creates the impression that the users are looking at the real bottle standing in front of them, rather than their screen. Widescreen Product Image

9. Upselling

If you try hard, you can even sell some non alcohol-related goods on your website. How to do it? Piece of cake: if a client orders the online collection of expensive drinks, it is likely that they are getting ready for a celebration. In this case, you may offer them evening accessories like cufflinks or a tie. Upselling

10. Using Instagram

How in the world can we do without this social network? Running a company profile that deals with alcohol-related topics is a great idea. Share photos of cocktails, accompanying snacks, people's photos hanging out. Carry out promo events, flash-mobs and add your own hashtags. Generally speaking - try to increase involvement and create brand loyalty. Using Instagram

11 Run Promo Contests

Everyone loves surprises and gifts. Make a habit of conducting regular giveaways and contest games. People actively respond to such events, and are happy to participate. You can raffle off anything you want: from a bottle of wine to romantic dinner in a restaurant. That way, you can attract a large number of users, who can become your customers in future.

This post was inspired by ArtJoker.

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