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3 Strategies for Ad Relevance You Never Use


Boring ads that don’t target a specific audience in a specific way pretty much get you nowhere. So why are you still making the same mistakes? Think back to a time when you tried to learn a complicated subject. You kept looking at the instructions but you might as well have been looking at hieroglyphics. You just couldn’t see the whole picture, how everything came together to make a result. And then you left it alone for a few days, came back and everything seemed to click. Well, that’s what we’re here to do. Make things click by showing you them from a fresh perspective. It just takes three steps to see ads the way the pros do. Check it out.

1. Get into Your Customer’s Head

Andre Chaperon, one of the sharpest minds in the email marketing game, mentions an invaluable method of getting into your customer’s head: writing out a profile that reveals the customer’s life situation, their attitude and their desires in a few brief paragraphs. Get into Your Customer’s Head For example, you are a marketing manager for a hotel and you want to find a way to attract solo business guests to your rooms. You’d put yourself in the mind of, say, a business development officer traveling on a limited company budget. What’s your life like? 10-hour days, constant focus and pressure, little time to unwind. What are you looking for in a hotel? A pool and gym to unwind, a decent happy hour, a comfy work desk, nearby restaurants and bars. So those are the elements you would use in your ad. To really drive the nail in, find online communities with your target demographic and ask them directly what they’re looking for in a particular product, service or venue. It’s as simple as finding a Facebook group, joining and posting a question. You’d be surprised how easy it is make your ads more relevant and compelling when you understand the reasons your customers want to buy whatever you’re selling. Something you may find attractive may of little interest to the person who gives you their money. Marketer forget this and use guessing games or their own preferences to design their ads, ending up with duds. You’d be surprised how easy it is make your ads more relevant and compelling when you understand the reasons your customers want to buy whatever you’re selling

2. Have a single call-to-action

You’d be surprised how many marketers slip up and add multiple call-to-actions in their ads. Starting thinking in ones: one message, one call-to-action. It’s the rule of one, and the closer you follow it the easier it will for onlookers to process the information at the blink of an eye. Starting thinking in ones: one message, one call-to-action We’re not multitaskers at heart. We’re single-minded, single-directional beings. We like things simple. Let’s go back to the hotel example with their solo business traveller and apply it to a typical Facebook ad. A single-track ad would take an element the potential customer desires – say an easy-to access pool – and follow that route through a narrow path that leads to the customer clicking the link/picture.

3. Make sure your copy has the slippery-slide effect

Joe Sugarman, one of America’s top copywriters, reveals the slippery-slide effect. You don’t have to be an expert to write copy that keeps readers glued. You don’t even have to be a good writer. All you have to do is keep points 1 and 2 in mind, and then figure out the best way to convey that message so the reader, after seeing the title or image, has no choice but to read the copy and take action. Think of your picture and your title as one. An enticing picture would make you to take a closer look at the image and an enticing image would lead you to read the title. These three simple principles have led to the creation of some of the most effective copy ads in history. The reason? They focus on relevance. They get into the customer’s mind give him the single most important thing he desires, and make the ad so captivating that he has no choice but to read it. Now, it’s your turn. Go out and create some relevant ads! Make sure your copy has the slippery-slide effect

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