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4 Reasons Why Phone Calls Are Still Important For Business

During recent decade online shopping showed skyrocketing growth... The success of giants like Amazon and Alibaba is overwhelming, even as niche players are at liberty to use creative strategies in gaining their fair share. With that in mind and assuming other sources of leads to be dead, most businesses see the future of their marketing activities in the web only. However, they are completely wrong.

1. People go went mobile

As the recent studies show, the widespread use of cell phones and increasing share of smartphones make people much more likely to use click-to-call and search for phone numbers in web ads than ever before.

Quick facts:
  • VIVIpins found that 73% of all the people in the world own a cell phone, while the share of smartphones in this number is increasing, being equal to 30% by the end of 2013.
  • According to numbers provided by Gartner in their report, the share of smartphones in all the mobile phones sold in the third quarter of 2014 is about 39.8%.
  • Google says that 84% of people use cell phones along with other devices while surfing. The 48% of local mobile searches ended with a call.

The widespread use of cell phones and increasing share of smartphones make people much more likely to use click-to-call and search for phone numbers in web ads than ever before

2. Customers prefer verbal interaction with businesses

Now we have a lot of new ways to communicate with customers: social media, help desks, online support systems. Still, a lot of clients are not common with them and prefer directly talking to support.

  • 39% of mobile searchers, who used “click-to-call” at least once, do usually call businesses.The main reason to make a call instead of other action for 57% of them is the need to talk to a real person.

Communication over phone is the easiest and fastest way to provide good and effective customer service. It becomes much more convenient in urgent situations, when customer needs support right at the moment.

3. When customers call they surely want something

According to our own research at Ringostat, more than half of e-tailers’ transactions are made by phone, reaching 100% for some business models. Inbound phone calls are the huge source of customers and sales, yet underrated. Why does this happen, really? Shopping online: Shopping online in real world Naturally, people not only tend to contact business directly to get the information they didn’t find on site. They also convert at much higher rates, if they are calling you.

  • According to BIA/Kelsey report, 61% of businesses rate their inbound phone calls as ‘Excellent leads’. This number is 9% lower for web leads.
  • Google states, that 61% of mobile searchers describe call as an important part of buying process. Still, 61% of callers want to contact businesses by phone to make an order.

When your phone is ringing, be sure this is an opportunity to sell product or service thus increasing revenues for your business. Missing the inbound phone call from your prospects or existing customers you make the best birthday present to competitors.

4. Having a dedicated phone line is highly important for your brand image

The importance of having someone to be qualified to answer phone calls are often overlooked while being crucial for holding corporate face. The call experience dictates a customer’s perception of a brand, and it depends on you whether it is to be good or bad.

Along with setting up the responsive design for your website do not hesitate to set up the phone number onto your site pages. You should also ensure that your phone number is clearly visible in all your ads to make it easy for prospects to reach you.

Oleksandr Maksymeniuk works in online marketing since 2005. In 2010 he has joined Netpeak, where he led over 40 projects at different levels, being an SEO team-lead and Head of SEO department at various stages of his career. Seeing web analytics as his first and foremost passion he quickly discovered huge gap between web analytics and phone calls. In the year 2013 he founded Intelligent Call Tracking service Ringostat, which he currently leads as the CEO.

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