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What is karma?

What is karma?

Here is a description of what karma is and why every user vitally needs to increase it. We will further tell you in details how to do it and will graphically show you everything in tables.

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Level Karma Benefits
Junior 100 – 199 The ability to react on the comments written by other users
Middle 200 – 499 Netpeak branded cup (+10 to drink's taste) 
Senior 500 – 699 Netpeak pen and notebook
Lead 700 – 999 A T-shirt from Netpeak's Editorial Head
Consultant 1000+ Free SEO and PPC audit for your website

What do I have to do to increase my karma?

Perhaps, this method will first seem to be more complicated, but after spending some time with it, you will be able to upgrade and control the display and income losses for free, on which a plenty of packages have been written that significantly expand its basic functionality.

What for Karma pluses
A fully completed profile + 90
 A "like" added to your comment by another user + 1
A "dislike" added to your comment by another user - 1
A publication of your post on our blog + 100
For every 20 comments your published post receives + 50
For every 200 reactions your published post receives +50
For every 2000 views your published post receives + 50