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Netpeak Agency SEO Tool is an extension created for internal purposes to facilitate the work of the SEO department and the Project Managers at Netpeak. It actually helps deal with time issues since a specialist may just run the extension and immediately view the basic information required for search engine optimization analysis. But it’s not the only advantage of this extension.

That’s what it can do:

  • Check for limitation of indexing certain pages by search crawlers;
  • Check for meta data (title, description, canonical, h1) at a fast clip;
  • Notify on some SEO on-page issues (missing h1, too long title etc);
  • Check for microformats, page speed, traffic;
  • Check for external links availability on the page
  • Provide a full list of HTTP headers
  • Show page titles structure;
  • Identify hreflang availability;
  • Perform quick page check in Serpstat;
  • and even more

The Netpeak Agency SEO Tool has its own secrets. One of the hidden functions is a button for checking the word/phrase frequency in Serpstat. All you need is just to select a word/a phrase and right-click on the check button in Serpstat:

check button in Serpstat

The received information may be used for further analysis:

Information for further analysis

There is a lot of extra data you can easily check and explore using this extension. The existing functionalities are constantly expanding, and we are going to add more interesting features.

Brief description of the Netpeak Agency SEO Tool interface

Basic page information

The main extension view provides you with metadata information and general information on a definite page:

Brief description of the Netpeak Agency SEO Tool interface

And if you need a quick check of the metadata implementation on a specific page, the Netpeak Agency SEO Tool is just the right thing for you.  

Information is arranged the following way:

  • meta title;
  • meta description;
  • canonical reference;
  • H1 title;
  • meta robots tag availability

If a page is closed for indexing, you will clearly see it since the information is marked in a special color (red):

 you will clearly see it since the information is marked in a special color

Additional SEO on-page tools

Header Tags Structure

Once you click on the page header tags structure button (“H1-H6 structure”), all H items on the page will be highlighted. This helps you see if the headers of different levels are properly arranged.

This helps you see if the headers of different levels are properly arranged


When clicking on “Show robot.txt”, the extension will provide you with the robot.txt file if it is available on the site.  You can check it and click on the "Back" button at the top-left corner of the extension. This allows to quickly detect common bugs in robots.txt.

Alt and Title for images

The “Alt / Title” button for images shows the availability of attributes of all the pictures on the current page. The results will look like this:

Alt and Title for images

Prev / Next for the paginated sections of content

If you need to check the relevance of the SEO recommendations implementation, the SEO extension is just the ticket. Click on the “Prev/Next” button, and JavaScript alert window will describe the next and the previous paginated sections of content. If there are relative links, the system will show them as well. Take notice that it works for the paginated sections of content only. In all other cases, there will be no information on a page.

Next for the paginated sections of content


Hreflang check is performed upon the hreflang attributes availability for different languages. Here is an example of a page where they are set:

Hreflang check is performed upon the hreflang attributes availability for different languages

External links

This is one of the most interesting functionalities of the tool. A system checks the entire code of the current page and provides you with a list of all external links (except the ones hidden with the SEO Hide technology). We’re working on adding the opposite button — it will provide a list of the links hidden from the search engines. This will help you make even deeper analysis.

This is what you see when clicking on the external links button:

This is what you see when clicking on the external links button

Pay attention that the system shows only domains, not full links since the main goal is checking for the links availability.   

Microformats and a complete list of HTTP headers

To check the microformats on the current page and get a full list of its HTTP headers, use two buttons at the bottom of the panel (“Structured data” and “HTTP headers”). Actually, they lead to the external tools which may provide you with more thorough and detailed analysis.

Microformats and a complete list of HTTP headers

External services

Our extension has a panel with links to external resources. This is not just a link to the service homepage but a link to the page which is already processing the information on the requested site page.  

Page Speed Insights is a Google tool that checks the page speed.

Serpstat checks the ranking of the specific URL address. Mind that this is different from checking the entire domain ranking.

Mobile Friendly Test is a Google tool that checks whether a page is mobile-friendly.

W3 Validator is the HTML checker which helps to detect errors.

Similar Web tracks the traffic of the requested domain. This allows you to get information on a number of visits to the requested sites without having access to Google Analytics.

Something more in this extension

Besides the functionalities described above, there are some more things the extension has.

Recommendations  section

This section shows warnings and errors your page may have. Mind that it doesn’t provide 100% of page errors, you still need to analyze it yourself. But it is a good start.

Missing H1 element on that page

HTTP header section

If you need information on HTTP headers of the current page, our extension will be of help for you as well. If a page is closed for indexing by X-Robots "noindex", you will definitely see it in this section. You may also view other valuable data such as Cache-Control, Expires, etc.

HTTP header section

Netpeak Cloud

Netpeak Cloud is a tool that allows you to retain and return site visitors. In our extension, this section is used to quickly check ID of the tool.


Our extension currently supports three language versions English, Russian and Bulgarian. You don’t have to choose it manually, language is selected automatically in accordance with the language of your Google Chrome account.


We are constantly working on updates, bugs fixing, design changes and trying to improve our extension. The current version is 1.6. Wait for a new release. It's coming soon.

Tips and functionalities we will add to a new version:

  • Checking if a page has AMP support;
  • Checking if HTTP / 2.0 is used;
  • Notifying on new types of SEO errors.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for new features, send your ideas to our email ( or just use Chrome contact form.

This extension won’t provide you with a full list of issues and a guide how to fix them. But it definitely speeds up the analysis of basic SEO elements. For a professional service and complete SEO analysis, send us a request.

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