Despite the Competition: How Liro’s ASO Grew Impressions by 131% and Downloads by 38%

Having to rely on a narrow list of relevant search terms and conversion-oriented keywords in a niche that’s highly competitive makes it challenging for an app to climb to the top of the app store search results. The RadASO team with first-hand experience has prepared case studies and actionable tips on attracting organic traffic and securing the top positions in the app store search ecosystem.

Service: App Store Optimization.

Sector: Photo & Video.

Team: Natalia Kaidanovska (ASO Specialist), Olga Grek (Team Lead), Tatyana Ilyenko (Project Manager).

The Client

Liro is a mobile app that automatically inserts subtitles into videos. It allows the users to change the font, size, and color of the subtitles. The app is available in the App Store.

The Objective

To develop a comprehensive ASO strategy for boosting organic traffic and help the app reach the top positions for relevant search terms.

The Challenge

  • Narrow keyword list.
  • A limited number of 100% relevant conversion-oriented search terms.

The Solution

Step 1: RadASO specialists conducted an analysis and selected appropriate keywords, creating a database of competitors with identical characteristics based on the data gathered.

Liro Competitors

The RadASO Tech Boosted Solution helps classify competitors into the following categories (for further keyword list creation):

  • 100% competitors – very similar apps;
  • Indirect competitors – closely related apps;
  • Potential competitors – currently not considered competitors but may become relevant in the future;
  • Non-competitors.
Note: Since the app’s niche is so narrow, there are only few direct competitors, resulting in a small relevant semantic list. The RadASO team decided to expand it by adding indirect competitors to it.

Utilizing the RadASO Tech Boosted Solution, we proceeded to select apps that help create/edit content for social media and added them as indirect competitors.

Liro_Indirect Competitors

Step 2. Selecting priority locales – those from which competitors receive the most installs: Ukraine, Poland, Germany.

Step 3: Compiling the keyword list for the app. With the RadASO Tech Boosted Solution, the team can efficiently process data in a nearly-passive manner, ensuring both high quality and speed.

The keyword list includes all terms for which competitors rank, as well as their titles, subtitles, and search suggestions.

Liro_Semantic Core

Step 4: Determining locales. Analysis revealed that the most relevant countries for the app are Poland and Ukraine. Therefore, we mainly focused on working on the following locales: Ukrainian, Polish, Russian (since it is in use in Ukraine), and English (U.K.), which is present in almost every country.

Note: The subtitles niche is quite popular in the USA, so in addition to EN (US), cross-locale optimizations that are in use there were also applied to this country – Chinese (Traditional), and Vietnamese (see the table of locale coverage).

The Results

Increase in rankings in all countries (terms with SAP popularity > 5)


In the selected countries, within 180 days of the initial release since our collaboration began, the number of views increased by 131%, and the number of downloads increased by 38% (compared to the same period before the release).


The increase in app store rankings for targeted keywords improved the visibility of the application throughout the collaboration period (the growth depicted on the graph from December is also attributed to the ASA launch).



Despite the somewhat limited keyword list and fairly high competition, the RadASO team managed to increase the visibility of the application, thereby increasing the overall number of downloads by 38%.

The application claimed the top positions for the most relevant search queries in priority countries. Overall, Liro has been indexed for over 1,000 search terms since the start of our collaboration.



Tetiana Ilienko – Project Manager

The client’s ambition to expand their business horizons and the comprehensive approach of the RadASO team to ASO created a certain synergy. This became the touchpoint that brought results in the form of increased views and installs. I thank the Liro team for their trust and effective collaboration! I believe that we will reach new milestones and scalability thanks to ASA.


Dmytro Kravchenko – Founder and CEO of Liro

Initially, I read the founder’s blog of RadASO and was impressed by the team’s attention to detail and their ability to uncover hidden mechanisms in app stores. Our Liro team constantly lacked ASO expertise and time, and hiring a full-time specialist was not feasible. That's why I turned to RadASO for a turnkey service to increase the number of organic installs.

Throughout our collaboration, I was pleasantly surprised by the structured and straightforward communication with the RadASO team. I liked that they encouraged us to experiment. It was fascinating to conduct A/B tests and utilize event-driven releases. Our application saw an increase in downloads, and we gained valuable experience and a fundamental understanding of ASO. Satisfied with the partnership, we are continuing our cooperation with RadASO into the foreseeable future.

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