OLX (by Naspers) ASO Case Study – Increase of Impressions to 74% with ASO Services

Service: App Store Optimization.
Niche: Mobile applications.
Team: RadASO.

Results: App impressions increased by 74%.

The Client

OLX is an online marketplace mobile application that brings people together to buy, sell or exchange goods and services.

The Challenge

The app was actively being used to sell goods and services. However, it was necessary to increase app visibility for other purposes such as job search and housing. However, our RadASO team task was to increase its visibility for other purposes such as job search and housing. 

The Solution

Since there are three language locales in Ukraine, we immediately added the missing localizations for this app: Russian, Ukrainian and English (UK).
In all of these localizations, we filled the metadata sets with keywords relevant to the queries for housing and job search.

The Results

Quite literally within the next few days after App Store Optimization the visibility of the application began to grow. Key queries and the area for them increased as the added locales produced good results. Overall, app impressions increased by 74%.

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