SteuerGo App Case Study: Upgrading App Graphics to Increase Conversion from Impressions to Installs

Service: App Store Optimization.

Niche: Mobile applications.

Team: Yaroslav Vorona (ASO specialist), Maxym Melnyk (ASO Team Lead), Oleksandra Kurchenko (Project Manager).

Region: Europe.

Results: We increased conversion by 500 installs per year in the App Store and 2800 installs per year in Google Play.

The Client

SteuerGo is a mobile application that allows you to create a tax return online and quickly submit it, as well as remit the balance of paid funds to your account. You can use an app on your phone, tablet, or Mac to access SteuerGo, which lets you retrieve data from the tax office.

The Challenge

The app had a low conversion rate from impressions to installs. The main goal was to solve this problem.

The Solution

To solve this problem, we used the CRO Loop framework, which lets us increase the application’s conversation rate in a systematic way.

CRO Loop is a step-by-step process of optimizing the application page to achieve an increase in conversions.

  1. First, we investigated the app’s niche and main competitors. We also analyzed user feedback in the app reviews. Thanks to the analysis, we identified the app's key advantages. Users noted the convenience of filling out tax returns, the user-friendly interface, and the prompt support.
    Next, we brainstormed with the team to come up with ideas for improving the application’s graphics. 
  2. We suggested changing the text labels and highlighting the information about the amount of money users can get by filling out the declaration. We also added app awards and merits in one of the first screenshots to increase users’ confidence level in the app.
  3. We approved further decisions on the graphics with the client and created a technical task for the designer to implement the plan. 
  4. After drawing new screenshots, we launched A/B tests on both sides, which showed positive results.

The Results

We increased conversion by 40 installs per month and 500 installs per year in the App Store.

We also achieved successful results in Google Play with an increase in conversion of 230 installs per month and 2800 installs per year.


Oleksandra Kurchenko, Project Manager:

At the beginning of the cooperation, we prepared the scope of work for the coming 3 months. Before starting to work, we held a meeting with the client and made sure that we were on the same page. This helped us to work as a team and to find and approve the resolution of different issues quickly. It is a pleasure to work with clients who understand all the technical aspects of our work, as well as with the team of professionals at RadASO.

We are not planning to stop our cooperation after 3 months and have task plans ready and approved for the upcoming months. I believe that our collaboration will produce good results and the client will be satisfied. The entire team is grateful for trusting us and supporting Ukrainian businesses.


The results were achieved thanks to the RadASO team's new approach to working with graphics and clear communication with the client.

An in-depth analysis of the niche and competitors, as well as an analysis of user feedback, helped us derive concise and productive strategies for improving the graphics.

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