Text ASO and CRO Loop Strategy for vidby MeetUP: Boosting App Impressions by 3,018% and Installs by 138% in a Month

Increasing the number of impressions and installs in the targeted countries is challenging yet manageable. The RadASO team shares their packaged strategy for text and graphic ASO improvement, using the vidby MeetUP app as an example. Here is a step-by-step guide created by mobile marketing experts showcasing the specifics of CRO and working with graphics.

Service: App Store Optimization
Niche: apps for translation
Team: Iryna Kuznietsova (ASO specialist), Maksym Melnyk (Head of ASO), Olha Hrek (ASO Team Lead), Daniil Minin (ex-Project Manager), Serhii Dovhopolov (Project Manager).

The Client

Vidby MeetUp is an app for instant voice translation. It enables users from all over the world to communicate freely in real-time with no language barriers. This app can be helpful for business conference meetings with any number of participants and for travelers. 

The app ensures clear voice translation even in noisy environments and is applicable for group conversations. This makes it a perfect solution for international meetings and social interactions. 

The Purpose

To increase the number of installs and sales by expanding the app’s geography and improving its visibility. 

The Challenge

  • Intense competition (over 100 apps in the translator apps niche).
  • A poor choice of graphics that negatively affects conversion.

Text ASO: The Solution

Note. At every stage of the process, the RadASO team used a proprietary automation tool named RadASO Tech Boosted Solution. This indispensable ASO tool automatically collects data on competitors, finds relevant search terms (keywords), and analyzes their popularity and rating positions.

Step 1. Collecting Competitors. In this case, the competitors are all the translation apps in the store. The team analyzed the collected data to find out the main countries they are marketing for, as well as the ones generating the majority of installs and revenue. Here is the data they've acquired:

collecting competitors total install

collecting competitors total revenue

Step 2. Choosing the priority locales for further app marketing based on the diagrams above.

The team has also corrected the app’s ASO-related mistakes. They noticed that the app wasn’t using all the available marketing opportunities for the targeted countries. Namely, there was no cross-localization. The App Store allows up to ten active locales for some countries, which means ten times more space for keywords. 

Note. The RadASO recommends using every locale available for each country to cover more search terms and get more organic installs. For more details, please see the RadASO’s table Localizations and countries coverage in App Store.

Step 3. Collecting the app’s semantic core and preparing metadata. The team noticed that the app had no general popular keywords in its Title, which is the most crucial field in the App Store. All they used to have there was the brand name. 

Step 4. After the release, the team analyzed its results and removed the keywords that failed to reach the top position. By adding the new set of keywords, they’ve prepared metadata for the next iteration.

Important! The maximum result can be ensured only with the combination of approaches to the work with text and graphic ASO.
  • Professional text ASO brings the app to higher positions in the relevant search terms and improves its visibility.
  • Graphic ASO improves the view-to-install conversion rate. The most user attention goes to the apps with eye-catching icons and screenshots that demonstrate their main point, function, key features, and competitive advantages from the very first second.

Graphic ASO: The Solution

The RadASO team's signature approach to the graphic is the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Loop. Here is the graph for the main stages of said strategy.

graphic ASO CRO Loop

  1. Research of the app
    • getting acquainted with the app’s functionality and finding its competitive advantages;
    • analyzing positive and negative customer reviews; any mentioned specifics and features must be demonstrated in the screenshots;
    • reviewing the competitors’ graphics by these aspects: what is shown on their icons, what features are showcased in what order on the screenshots, preferred color schemes, and additional graphic elements are aimed at drawing extra attention.
  2. Formulating a hypothesis on how changing a particular element will affect conversion.
  3. Creating a brief with the Technical Assignment for a designer based on the hypothesis.
  4. Creating new graphics for the app.
  5. Testing new graphics.
  6. Summing up and collecting test results. Choosing the next hypothesis on graphics improvement

Step 5. Creating New Icon and Formulating Hypotheses. 

Here are the app’s icon and screenshots before they cooperated with the RadASO team: 

vidby app

The new icon by the RadASO team:

new icon

Hypothesis №1. The icon has to evoke direct associations with voice translation to showcase the app’s point and thus improve the conversion. The original icon implicated video translation, which is irrelevant and misleading for the user.

Hypothesis №2. A unified color scheme for the icon and screenshots will create an integral style and harmonize all graphic elements. 

Note. Based on the app’s interface background color and analyses of the competitors’ preferred color schemes, the team agreed upon blue and purple for the icon and screenshots. 

Below are the testing results of the new icon performed by the RadASO team on Google Play and the App Store. 

The Results: Text ASO

Position History. These graphs only show the changes to the indexed keywords’ positions with SAP no less than 5.

  • United States:


  • United Kingdom:


  • Other countries:

TextASO other

As a result of the new positions, the app’s visibility improved, and the number of installs for each country with new metadata is shown here.

  • United States:

update metadata US

  • United Kingdom:

update metadata UK

  • Visibility improvement in other countries:

update metadaya other

  • There are also more installs in other countries:

downloads 1 other

After release, the app got more impressions by 3 018% compared to a similar time interval prior to the cooperation with the RadASO team. The number of installs increased by 138%.

textASO results

The Results: Graphic ASO

According to the testing results, the new icon can improve the app’s conversion rate by 47% on average

Note: “Сurrent listing” stands for the original app’s icon, while options B1 and B2 are the new icons suggested by the RadASO team. 

graphic ASO result 1

The team had to do the graphic testing directly at the App Store because of the store’s technical issues at the time. Once the icon was changed, the conversion began to grow. 

graphic ASO result 2


Only by using a combined approach to working with text and graphic optimization, achieving the best results becomes possible:

  • text ASO increases the number of positions and the app’s visibility;
  • graphic ASO improves the impressions-to-installations conversion 


pm testimonial

Daniil Minin – ex-Project Manager

The app's increase in impressions by 3,018% and installs by 138% in one month was not solely due to the RadASO team’s efforts. The vidby MeetUP team made a massive contribution to the project’s development. We are grateful to the vidby MeetUP team for their full trust, partnership, and mutual understanding. A special thanks go to CMO specialist Olena Tkachuk and the Product Owner Oleksandr Prokudin for the fruitful collaboration and for entrusting the RadASO team’s actions.

client review

Oleksandr Prokudin – Product Оwner of vidby MeetUp

RadASO was recommended to us as experts in their field. So, we approached them regarding the promotion of our application on the App Store and Google Play Market.

The team turned out to be very proactive. They helped us with creatives for the marketplaces, developed an ASO strategy, and then ASA. It’s convenient to have access to professionals who can track trends in the app market, recommend the best practices, help set up monetization, track results, and adjust campaigns.

Our product is primarily intended for the B2B market and uses other sales channels. Therefore, we were pleased to have RadASO as the competent partner for promoting our B2C application, as this is the field where we are not as experienced.

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