The success story of BNESIM: how to increase the number of impressions and installs in two metadata iterations

Service: App Store Optimization.

Niche: Mobile applications.

Team: Olha Hrek (ASO specialist), Maxym Melnyk (ASO Team Lead).

The Client

BNESIM is one of the pioneers and leaders in eSIM technology. This technology allows you to connect a virtual SIM card and enjoy all the benefits of dual-sim usage: choose convenient tariffs in any country around the world, and have access to different phone numbers on one smartphone. This app connects travelers, business people, remote workers, and devices. You can make and receive calls, participate in conference calls, and get mobile data in 200+ countries without roaming fees.

The Goal

The client's goal was to increase app visibility and installs in the target countries.

The Solution

Before collaboration with RadASO, the client's app had only one well-developed locale and less than 10 installs per day. We had the task of increasing the visibility of the application in the AppStore and achieving an increase in organic traffic. To accomplish this, we collected data on the competitors and conducted a detailed analysis of the niche. This allowed us to identify priority countries by the number of installs:

We chose the locales that reflect the languages spoken in these regions for priority development.

To optimize the metadata, we collected semantic cores for the target countries. We added the most relevant search terms to the titles in order to rank for them in the search results as much as possible and to showcase a visible part of the metadata (the title and the subtitle) that describes the application's functionality as best as possible.

The metadata release took place in two stages:

The first iteration included 9 localizations: Chinese (Simplified), English (U.S.), German, Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Hindi, Ukrainian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Second iteration — 7 localizations: English (Australia), Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Spanish (Spain), and Catalan.

The Result

We achieved significant growth in the organic metrics and improved keyword ranking.

After the first release, the app's organic traffic grew by 134%. After the second release, impressions increased by 107% in the countries that we worked on. The number of units has also grown in these countries.

Let’s examine the results more closely.

Positions dynamics

After two releases, we can see a positive trend in the indexing of search terms. The app began ranking higher for the search terms in countries that were optimized for. For example, in the USA:

Now let's see how the increase in keyword positions has affected the increase in impressions and downloads of the app.

Dynamics of the organic traffic

Take a look at how the number of Impressions and Units downloaded grew in the countries with updated locales:

Impressions (Search)

New Downloads (Search)

Due to the updated localizations, organic indicators also increased in other countries that reflect these languages:

Impressions (Search)

As we can see, due to more frequent updates, the app has become better indexed by Apple. That’s why we recommend updating metadata at least twice a month.

Text localization: Kateryna Kalnova, RadASO.

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