Unveiling Triumph: Preply's App Sees a 66% Surge in Views and a 44% Rise in Downloads in Just 2 Weeks – The Inside Scoop

If an app already has a well-known brand name and gets high impressions due to advertising campaigns, marketers have to consider alternative strategies to promote it. In this case, ASO is an effective tool as well. The RadASO team explains how to increase organic traffic using text ASO for an industry-leading app with a well-known branded app.

Service: App Store Optimization.

Sector: Education.

Team: Yaroslav Vorona (ASO Specialist), Nataliia Kaidanovska (ASO Specialist), Maksym Melnik (Team Lead), Oleksii Volkov (Project Manager).

The Client

Preply is one of the leading online tutoring platforms that brings together over 50,000 tutors and millions of students from around the world through video communication. Users of the application find themselves in an educational space where they can quickly master a new language.

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The Purpose

To come up with a comprehensive ASO strategy, generate organic traffic, and bring the app to the top ranks, thus creating a leader that stands out in the niche successfully.

The Challenge

To increase organic traffic through ASO, regardless of the client's advertising campaigns, as the client is a leader in the industry with a well-established branded app. To test and improve graphics, even though most users searched for the app by brand name and ignored the graphical aspect.

The Solution

Step 1. The RadASO team analyzed and selected relevant keywords, resulting in the main competitor base. They took the general functionality as a basis, specifically learning foreign languages online with a teacher. Among the main competitors were HiNative, italki, Cambly, Tandem, and others.


The RadASO Tech Boosted Solution tool makes it possible to segment competitors by the following categories (for further collection of the keyword list):

  • 100% competitor (very similar applications);
  • indirect (closely related applications);
  • maybe (at this stage, we do not consider them to be competitors, but they may be needed in the future work);
  • not a competitor.

Therefore, to expand the keyword list, we added language learning apps to the indirect competitor apps, but not necessarily with a tutor.

Preply_Indirect Competitors

Step 2. Based on competitor analysis, we analyzed the overall traffic in the niche and selected priority countries for ASO. Our primary focus was on regions with the highest share of traffic, including the United States, Germany, Poland, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

In order to concentrate on the priority regions and achieve the best results for the brand, we have developed a comprehensive six-month plan.

In total, we covered 20 localizations and added extra targets for the US, including traditional Chinese, to expand the app's audience. The current number of locations in the United States can be found here.

Preply_Total Installs newPreply_Total Revenue new

Step 3. The RadASO Tech Boosted Solution automatically generated keyword lists for the most relevant search terms and collects data in the following categories:

  • competitors' search terms (by which they are ranked);
  • our competitors' titles and subtitles (with relevant search terms);
  • suggestions from the store.

The team focused specifically on high- and medium-popularity keywords. 

Due to the highly competitive niche, there was a lot of focus on search terms with a limited number of competitors in the search results. This method allowed the experts to quickly achieve the result and get quite a lot of positions for the brand.

Preply_Semantic Core

The Results

The organic traffic rapidly increased after the first release. Just two weeks after the release in the selected countries, impressions increased by 66%, and downloads by 44% (if we compare to the same period before the release).

Preply_Results (2) (1)

During the next releases, the growth continued in the countries where the team had already worked on text metadata. Here are examples of post-release changes:

Organic traffic growth in Japan

Preply_Organic Impressions_Japan (2)

Organic traffic growth in Australia

Preply_Organic Impressions_Australia (2)

Organic traffic growth in Korea

Preply_Organic Impressions_Korea (2)

Our team's monthly ASO updates continue to gradually increase the number of installations and views of the Preply app:

  • re-examining and removing keywords that do not bring the app to the top;
  • testing new keywords that were not in the metadata before;
  • updating the metadata according to new keywords that change popularity or positions.

This way, we can achieve top results for the brand on the App Store and Google Play.


gerk 1

Oleksii Volkov — Project Manager

Our team faced a difficult task. We had to increase traffic to the application, which already had good indicators and was a well-known brand. Due to coordinated work, we achieved our goals and exceeded the plan and results.

Working with Preply was flawless. We have succeeded due to painstaking work on increasing installs and impressions, constant improvement of screenshots and graphic elements, and the collaboration of two teams.

The RadAso team is looking forward to continuing this successful partnership and is confident that further cooperation will produce even greater results. Experts continue to refine strategies and drive Preply's further success.

alexandra_preply 1

Alexandra van der Deure, Marketing Manager Preply

"Since we chose RadASO as our main consultant for all ASO-Topics in December 2022, we’ve seen outstanding improvement in our app’s visibility on iOS and Android. The quality as well as the volume of work the agency provided has paid off.

In particular, the RadASO team helped us with recurrent keyword optimization across more than 20 localizations, which has led to a consistent increase in our visibility over time.

We’ve doubled the volume of our ranked keywords. RadASO has also provided critical support for conversion rate and product page optimization. That is why we have more projects planned for the upcoming quarter and year."

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