Our Values, Mission Statement, and Goals

Our Values

Netpeak strives to become a leader in the market of performance marketing agencies in Eastern Europe that provide SEO, PPC and other online advertising services to promote your website.

We are persistent in achieving the goals of the company. Our team of highly qualified specialists is dedicated to meeting client expectations, always applying the latest technologies and systematic approach to business development.

Our Mission

Netpeak helps you grow your business using the power of the online spaces. Every day we are trying to improve our work performance to inspire others to develop, make their city/country a better place and create useful projects and initiatives.

The Netpeak mission has several levels. The ideas are listed from the easy to difficult ones, from level one to level five. Every employee in our company determines the level of the mission he is at right now. It may sound a little pretentious or pompous, but we believe in it. And we're moving towards our goal.
Within one generation, to get from the Third World to the First one without changing the geographical location
To upgrade the mindset: to motivate others to act and to achieve results
To inspire the people around us to fight incompetence, platitude, bad taste, irresponsibility, ignorance, etc.
To help small and medium-sized businesses grow all over the country
To make our clients' businesses more profitable
Netpeak Group
Netpeak Agency is a part of Netpeak Group, that also includes:
A digital marketing agency founded in 2011 that provides complex website promotion services.
A company with more than seven years of experience organizing business events in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
A digital media company focused on creating and promoting media projects.
A company that has developed such tools as Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker for SEO specialists and webmasters worldwide.
A company that developed «Academy Builder» — a software to create online academies.
A SaaS company that provides end-to-end analytics and call tracking services to make ad performance analysis and sales department quality control.
A SAAS company. Its product is a SEO platform that includes all essential SEO and digital marketing tools.
Netpeak Culture
About us
Netpeak is a friendly, kind, energetic, youthful and innovative company. We encourage creativity and the desire to create something new and unique. We are perfectionists, and we value the results of our work above all else. We strongly believe in our mission and our ability to contribute to business success and its growth online.

The 'form of government' in Netpeak is limited liberalism for all regulated aspects of work and a corporate noocracy for all the unregulated ones.

A corporate noocracy is a type of company organization based on the priority of common sense and rational thinking. Limited liberalism, in its turn, implies relatively large freedom to act, but subject to certain rules and restrictions.

In Netpeak, there's a non-standard horizontal hierarchy and no formalities.
Our team
There is "our" type of employee — a 'netpeaker'. And we are glad we can say that because our employees are ambitious, responsible, honest, open, proactive professionals and geeks. Most of us are workaholics.

We're all equal, but at the same time, we're ambitious, which brings competition to work and makes us perform even better.
Work process
One of the company's core values is the people who work for it. That's why the company strives to improve employee comfort and productivity as much as possible.

One of our distinguishing features is the gamification of the workflow, which makes it more fun. Also, much of our workflow is automated, which allows us to focus entirely on the crucial and essential things, save time and boost productivity.
7 Values of Netpeak
  • Result orientation
    Remember, it's the result of our work that's important, not the process!
  • Constant growth
    Don't just be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Strive for new achievements, knowledge and results. Strive to become a better you. Always learn something new; don't wait for anyone to do things for you. And don't forget to put into practice what you've learnt.
  • The rule of four "self"
    1. Self-organization. Prioritize your tasks: don't be distracted by minor things, even if they are much more interesting and enjoyable.
    2. Self-reliance. Try to solve your problems before you ask for help. Look for solutions even if it looks like there isn't any. Remember, no one can solve your problem better than you.
    3. Self-learning. Remember the principle: it's impossible to teach anybody. You can only learn yourself.
    4. Self-motivation. Your work performance depends on your motivation only. No one can motivate you better than you.
  • Proactivity
    Show your initiative in everything, whether it's a project work or processes that need to be adjusted or improved. Never give up if some of your initiatives aren't implemented. Try and offer alternative solutions and improve something instead of being quiet or complaining.
  • Honesty and sincerity
    Remember, the strength is in truth. One can forgive faults and fuckups but not a lie.
  • Team spirit
    Our success depends on a team spirit, helpfulness, cohesion and a friendly atmosphere. We are strong separately, but we are stronger together.
  • Sense of humor, positive attitude towards life and at work
    When work is a pleasure, life is a joy!

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