Netpeak Agency is open for cooperation with journalists, bloggers, event managers, educational and community projects, startup incubators and business communities.

We're always ready to communicate, share our knowledge and experience and implement projects together.

Netpeak PR Services

What Can We Offer?

For those who manage conferences
expos, workshops and other business events
We can tell our audience about your event. For this purpose, we've created a weekly newsletter which is called #тусовка.
Looking for a public speaker? Our specialists have vast experience in giving public speeches at a variety of events. Only useful and practical information for your audience.
For media representatives
journalists, bloggers and anyone who writes and publishes
We are always ready to give expert advice on the most recent marketing tools, provide you with statistical data or original articles on digital marketing.
Our specialists create content for industrial media on a regular basis, and we can tell the difference between the original article and an advertisement.
For educational project managers
who are looking for lecturers on digital marketing or those who want to tell us about their projects
We'll be happy to help you find your audience, and we understand the inner workings of educational initiatives as we've already started our own educational learning center.
For startup incubators
startup founders and participants, services and community projects
We can also help you with tech startups as we have successfully launched five of our own startup companies. What is more, we hold the only conference for SaaS services.
We're also good at community projects and always ready to help you transform an idea into action and promote an interesting project.
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How to Write and Say Our Company Name?

The agency name consists of two parts: "net" and "peak".
The stress is on the second syllable, i.e., it's correct to say Net'peak.
The correct spelling of a word is Netpeak only. NetPeak
Tell us about your project
Whether you need a public speaker for a business event, expert advice on digital marketing, or you’re interested in media cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact our PR Director:
Аnnа Znamerovskaya
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