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on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Netpeak Agency can help you launch your product and increase sales on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, JET and other marketplaces. We can help you enter new markets and increase sales with existing customers.

We offer a full range of services for ecommerce promotion from registration and verification to niche analysis and product promotion on marketplaces.

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Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other marketplaces can give you the opportunity to increase your online sales. If you sell online to the website, these platforms can help you grow your business, your brand and quickly increase your income. However, without proper experience in marketing, you could be wasting your time or even losing money.

Netpeak Agency provides ecommerce marketplace management services on product placement and promotion on various marketplaces.
Since 2006, our digital marketers have been helping companies, websites, brands, ecommerce business and products that invest in digital marketing lead the way.

Alexander Vlasenko
Head of Marketplace Growth
Дмитрий Пискарев Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer в Netpeak

What do the Marketplace Management Services include at Netpeak?

The list of basic services may vary depending on the marketplace you choose. You can also trust us to multiple marketplace management.

  • Company Registration:
    registration of your company at any chosen marketplace.
  • Account registration and verification:
    collecting the documents required to create and verify the account and your product data on the platform to start the business.
  • Product catalog certification:
    collecting the documents required for your product certification for its placement on a marketplace.
  • Market analysis:
    • analysis of all competitors in your niche;
    • analysis of brands and retailers;
    • analysis of the number and amount of sales for a certain period;
    • analysis of marketing activity;
    • analysis of shopping experience;
    • analysis of customer product reviews.
  • Listing page optimization:
    • keyword research and analysis;
    • writing adapted texts for the product, taking into account the characteristics and meeting the requirements of title (product name), description (product description), and bullets (key characteristics, consumer benefits);
    • communication with the support (technical support and assistance);
    • ad placement according to platform standards for better product ranking in search;
    • indexing check on a ready listing platform;
    • making final edits and optimizing the listings to get them to the top of Google search results.
  • Dealing with feedback based on the analysis of customer Reviews:
    • analysis of competitor's negative reviews to eliminate them from our offerings;
    • adding keywords from competitor's reviews to a listing to create the most customer-oriented listing description;
    • posting positive feedback about the product and dealing with negative feedback.
  • Creating a BrandPage:
    creating a brand page, content/image optimisation and help with registration on the platform.
  • Internal tool setup and attracting external traffic:
    our experts will work to promote your listing and track the process:
    • attracting visitors and external traffic to promote products on marketplaces;
    • attracting customers to your company;
    • РРС advertising (Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram);
    • Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Product Display Ads setup.

What is the process of launching the promotion on a marketplace?

  1. Business and market analysis before product launch on Amazon.
  2. Business registration support for Amazon in the USA and Europe.
  3. Support for product certification on Amazon.
  4. Listing promotion on Amazon.
  5. Creating a brand page on Amazon.
  6. Amazon Ads.
  7. Dealing with reviews on Amazon.
  8. Other help with Amazon management.

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  1. Niche audit.
  2. Creating seller account and its verification.
  3. Creating an Etsy/Ebay store.
  4. Listing promotion.
  5. Ad campaign setup and external traffic.
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Frequently asked questions

Why do online businesses choose Netpeak?
Clients choose us based on our business proposals and strategies. But they only stay with us due to our focus on results, customer acquisition strategies, delivering revenue and positive ROMI.
The marketing experts on our team have 187 certificates confirming their skills with the most common digital marketing and analytics tools. Since 2006 we've been developing our corporate training system.
Monthly planning, SCRUM, checklists, workflow automation and multilevel quality control — these are just some of the things we do to help you succeed.
Our agency has developed marketing and analytics tools used by lots of specialists worldwide.
There's a separate team that is constantly looking for better ways to optimize our workflows, develop new scripts and technologies to make our work faster and more efficient.
To provide regular communication, measurable goals for every process and automated reporting, we've developed Netpeak Client Dashboard. You can track project KPIs, measure the
success of ad campaigns, task progress and contact your account managers at any time.
We believe in honesty and transparency. If we identify any problems, or if a solution doesn't meet requirements, we will initiate an honest and direct conversation including how we propose to solve it.

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