News Site Success Story: High-Quality Traffic for $0.02

Service: PPC.
Category: News website.
Region: Kazakhstan.
Monthly budget: $3000 (including agency’s service fee).

Results: Number of clicks increased by 45.81% and CTR increased by 304.98%.

The Client

In this project, the client was an infotainment news website. Even though GDN seemed to work perfectly, the greatest value was added by a search advertising campaign.

The Challenge

Our key goal was traffic not just any traffic, but high-quality traffic at a low cost. Initially, the client carried out the advertising campaign independently, which allowed for comparison. Prior to working with us, the client had implemented only Google Display Network advertising.

The Solution

We added the following campaigns to the Netpeak account:

  1. Search advertising campaign.
  2. Display Network Campaign.
  3. Remarketing campaign (GDN).
  4. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).
  5. Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).
  6. Video campaign.

Although we received a lot of traffic, Google bots are absolutely unrestrained when it comes to keyword formations, making it crucial to keep track of search queries. Since the site did not allow for tracking indexes like ROMI, it was important to obtain information about the users' interactions with the site.

The following goals were set in this regard:

  1. Users who wrote a comment.
  2. Transitions to social network groups such as Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Users who pressed “Like”.
  4. Users who subscribed to the RSS feed.

The Results

We achieved a significant CTR increase along with a minor cost per click increase ($0.02 to $0.03).

Traffic quality indicators demonstrated substantial improvement:

Afterwards, we managed to recover the cost per click to $0.02 and the CPC remained unchanged:

Overall, the main indicators showed positive dynamics during the campaigns’ duration period.

Number of clicks increased by 45.81%.
CTR increased by 304.98%.
Bounce rate decreased by 57.78%.
Number of pageviews per session increased by 30.36%.
Average session duration increased by 623.23%.

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