Expertise and a lot of cases — a new blog about App Store Optimization

From the editors. It is important for the Netpeak Group team to share our experience and knowledge. That’s why, besides Netpeak Journal, most of the group's companies have their own blogs and academies. This new one is launched by Netpeak RadASO. And this is what they say about themselves.

Do you remember the quote from famous MythBusters? «We don't tell stories, we question them» — this statement accurately describes the essence of the ASO Mythbusters blog.

What do we want to talk about

It is a new blog about App Store Optimization. No boring long articles, just expertise, and a lot about «we tried it and that's why it doesn’t work».

How we created a blog and why

The Netpeak RadASO team has a good habit of not trusting anyone but their own experience (even Apple documentation!) and testing everything experimentally. Thanks to this approach, the specialists managed to collect many interesting practical cases. E.g. whether the Australian locale applies to the whole world or how indexing various special characters. 

All experiments differ in subject matter, but they share a common goal — to prevent mistakes, improve optimization, and find hidden opportunities for greater efficiency.

One of the latest experiments at ASO Mythbusters tells how algorithms read emojis:

If any word in the Keywords field is replaced with the corresponding emoji, will it be indexed in the App Store and will the app be ranked in search results? The experiment was conducted on five localizations of one app — Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Portugal) and Hungarian.

In the Keywords field, the country name was replaced with the corresponding emoji flag.

This is a good solution for characters diminishment, but did it work?

Beware, ASO Mythbusters, like the classic Mythbusters, can inspire experimentation. And once you`ll have a bee in your bonnet: you will conduct experiment, describe it, send it to us, we will publish it, and after that... glory, many fans and the sky's the limit.✌️

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