How to Become a Netpeak Agency Partner: Infographics

Why do clients come to the Internet marketing agency? They do it not to receive a particular service, but to solve a concrete problem. But what do they have to do when, for example, you are developing sites, but your client needs both a developed website and contextual advertising campaign? If you share our views considering focusing on a particular niche and ready to cooperate with Netpeak Agency — the following infographics is your real must-see:

Who would benefit being Netpeak Agency partner?

  1. Companies which are looking for an internet marketing partner
  2. Companies which are interested in an additional source of income
  3. Companies which want to develop their own business and business of their clients
  4. Companies which are aimed at cooperation with other businesses to enlarge their scope of activities
  5. Companies which would like to receive specialized requests from Netpeak Agency clients

Why becoming Netpeak Agency partner sounds pretty good?

  1. We are the company of professionals and perfectionists
  2. We are ROI-oriented. Therefore, we work with every business like it’s our own one
  3. We are not a kind of fully cycled advertising agency - its time went by. We stand for a highly specialized individual approach
  4. We have internet marketing blog, run seminars and annual conferences like “8P: Business in an online environment” and “Contextual advertising”
  5. We developed individual internet marketing tools and are continuously improving our programs and services

Business terms and conditions

  1. Partnership percentage payout during the client’s lifetime in Netpeak Agency
  2. Personal manager for communication and cooperation
  3. Free SEO and PPC consultations carried out by Netpeak Agency personal customer relations manager
  4. Client Dashboard” to solve personal business-tasks
  5. Bilateral contract between the agency and the partner

What would the «Client Dashboard» provide?

  1. Information on all driven clients
  2. Information on client’s payments
  3. Automatic calculation of partner payouts
  4. Notifications on start and completion of work on driven clients’ projects
  5. On-request access to the reports on services provided for the clients

How to transfer a client to us?

  1. Send information on a prospective client to the personal manager
  2. Send a request using Partner Dashboard
  3. Send a request using the utm-tagged button on the partner’s website
  4. Send a request on Netpeak Agency site
  5. Send information on a prospective client to

What services can partners provide our clients with?

  1. Website development and technical support
  2. Mobile site version and mobile applications development
  3. SMM
  4. Email marketing
  5. Web Design and other non-specialized services

Netpeak Agency partners rating

We love each and every partner, but we still have personal rating of partners activity. Rating considers two indicators: annual turnover of clients referred by a partner and the number of clients referred by a partner. “Annual turnover” indicator is of higher priority. Rating shows the partner’s activity and doesn’t show the amount or quality of rendered services. Rating is daily updated.Still have doubts that being Netpeak Agency partner is cool? Have some questions on Netpeak Agency partnership program? Feel free to contact

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