How to Boost Your Business with Professional Video Marketing

If you are an entrepreneur and you are not yet harnessing the power of online video marketing in 2017, then your business is missing out big time. More people are online in this digital era and this is where your marketing strategies should be pointing. Gone are the days when you had to rely on expensive TV ads and print media pullouts to pass your message across.

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are over 3.62 billion internet users. Therefore, your marketing strategy should be aimed at this new market frontier. According to Retailing Today, 81% of shoppers today conduct online research before making a purchase. This clearly indicates that the internet platform is where your marketing focus should be today.

The advances in video technology have propelled this to become the most powerful marketing tool in the modern business environment. Today, it is easy for even small businesses to create professional videos and compete with larger global brands on the internet platforms. If you have been struggling to break through the competitive internet market, it is time to get further insight on how to use video as your trump card.

Take a look at some of the highlights below to help you get started.

Video Marketing in Numbers

According to a KPCB survey, online video will form 74% of all internet traffic by end of 2017. It gets better; 82% of Twitter users watch video on the social media platform and most of them share what they watch. Today, YouTube is the second most powerful search engine with over 1 billion users (a third of all internet users). More than 500 million hours of video are enjoyed on YouTube daily. A report by Syndacast says that 63% of viewers watch more than three quarters of the content, which again highlights the popularity of video.

To highlight the importance of video in the modern business environment, consider also that 59% of executives surveyed opt for video over text on any topic. The same report says that 52% of marketers believe visual content is more effective than text. In fact, 82% of online marketers already use this type of content with high levels of success.

The numbers go on and on but one uniform strand in all findings from different research is the fact that video is successful and offers better ROI than text. In fact, it has been labelled the future of online marketing.

Advantages of Visual Content Today

Every marketer appreciates the volatile nature of the landscape they are supposed to operate in. Many marketing tools come and go and therefore, you have to be very keen before adopting any marketing technique to be part of your strategy.  For video, the benefits that you will enjoy form a good basis, especially when making a case to the higher office. Take a look at these advantages:

      • Boosting conversion and sales. Over 74% of viewers who watched an explainer video in one study ended up buying the product. Adding a visual ad in an email leads to 200-300% increase in conversion rate. If you are looking for the best ROI for your marketing campaign, make sure you add visuals.
      • Cost-effectiveness. It has never been easier to make a make web video than it is today. With the right online platform, you can now easily make an animation or any other type of video for marketing your business.
      • Increased visibility. The internet marketplace is highly competitive and only the most creative are able to survive. The best way to stay ahead is to guarantee you drive organic traffic to your website, and this is where visual content comes in handy. With a creatively designed video, you can boost brand awareness as your content will be shared rapidly on social media networks and other platforms.
      • Best ROI. A good video is still cheap to produce if you use the right online software.  Better still, it is a highly effective tool, meaning you will enjoy good ROI. This type of content is unrivalled when it comes to rate of returns.
      • Building trust and loyalty. A professional-looking web video not only promotes your brand but also builds trust. If visitors cannot find any visual to explain what you do, they leave immediately. Consider adding explainer visuals for your brand, products, staff and ongoing campaigns.
      • Google loves video. Recent studies show that the top websites on SERPs for any targeted keywords have some form of visuals on their pages. Adding video is a sure way to promote your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).
      • Leveraging mobile users. Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone and this is a market you must target. Mobile users love watching videos on the go and they also share rapidly. For this reason you must add video on your responsive website.
      • Video is versatile. Whether you are launching a new product, carrying out reputation management, explaining how a product works or just entertaining your audience, a web video does it all.

Video is the ultimate marketing tool in the contemporary business world; it is affordable, effective, flexible and engaging.  This is a tool you need for your next SEO campaign.

      • Using Professional Video Creators

Now that you appreciate the power of video marketing, it is important to go further and implement a strategy that suits your visual content.  It is advisable to leverage the expertise and technology offered by video professionals. Making a video online has never been easier because you don’t need any technical skills. There are animation video makers who can help you create any type of video in a few steps and at the best prices. In case you have any questions on how best to promote your production, these experts will guide you on the same.


There is no denying the power of video marketing today and as a business owner, you have to capitalize on the popularity of this marketing tool. With online video tools, it is easy to create a visual ad or explainer video that perfectly suits your business. The video can be added on popular video platforms such as Vine or YouTube as well as your website. With so many people on social media, your video must be creative enough to make it shareable on these networks.

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