How to Embody Your Company’s Ambitions: Google's Life Hack Rules

“If you don’t know – Google it”, “Send me via Google +”, “Let’s check and edit it together through Google Docs”, no one will ever deny that Google is something a modern person can’t imagine the life without. At some point it entered our lives and it is very probable that it will be here for ages. Since 1998 and until now Google is the №1 world wide web search engine.

There is no need to mention how prestigious the company is. Two million people apply there every year, and it is not strange, there are a whole lot of reasons to work there, see on Forbes. Moreover, the movie ”The Intership” exposed a dream-job in public. Job that is sometimes more about learning ability, human factor, hard-work and friendliness than about the knowledge you actually have before you get to the intership. After an incredibly inspiriting slidedeck “How Google Works” by Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt we just couldn’t step aside and it was our duty (I won’t be afraid of the word) to share it with you. Let’s start from the very beginning and name our first chapter:

If you think you know everything you are dead wrong

Once upon a time, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, the authors of the book of success “How Google Works” thought that they knew how to run successful businesses. But they were dead wrong. “Internet Century” had its own project and rules concerning success and so they had to start thinking of how to make things work. It wasn’t hard to understand that owing to the fact that all the information was now online, the barriers were fading showing how vulnerable businesses were to changes and competitions. Consumers have become a head of the market and as they shared reviews they started to introduce their own rules making bad products loose.

Chapter two “New problems – new rules”, with the first sub-chapter “Smart creatives”

The definition given in the slide is very simple – the people that can have the biggest impact of all are the ones called: smart creatives. It is a mix of technical knowledge, business expertise and creativity. It is also mentioned that the moment you give them the tools and freedom they can do amazing things, amazingly fast. Their thrift equals to the prosperity of the business they are working on. According to the new rules made by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg, as every other artist they should be taken care of and so as soon as the environment be appropriate you will start gaining success.

Small teams work rule(s)

As it was already mentioned, having smart creatives in your company requires a specific environment for both, his personal and companie’s successes. Therefore, it is much better to surround him or her with a group of people with the same goals and interests and step aside to let them create. This is the way when nothing impedes the flow of ideas and the communication between co-workers. Besides, it is the best way to avoid any complaints concerning offices. It is important for teams to be functionally integrated. It such a way managers living with their engineers will be a huge step to make the product better as it will contribute to the better understanding of how the product works, analyzing data and looking at technology trends. Besides, no matter how great idea is it can become even better when you discuss it with others. New notes and views can make everything shine brighter.


We are accustomed to think that business starts with a business plan, but according to the book that has all chances to become “online-business Bible” it will fail. Ventures should be based on something stable, something reliable, something that won’t ruin because of the changes. The sense is to base it on strategic foundation.

“The principles that it describes were quite different from those of the normal late-’90s dot-com, and today they stand as a foundational blueprint for how to create an Internet Century success story: Bet on technical insights that help solve a big problem in a novel way, optimize for scale, not for revenue, and let great products grow the market for everyone.”

Right employees, or who and how should be hired?

Hiring is the most important thing you have to do in business. We already know who should work for us and now we have to find those people and make them interested. To make your company successful you need to choose the right words to say when you are hiring. It is often said they hired people are smarter than those who hire them, but let’s be fair, it is a rare fact on practice.

“The rational “let’s-hire-this-guy-because-he’s-so-smart” decision usually gets usurped by the more emotional “but-then-he-might-be-better-than-me-and-make-me-look-bad-and-then-I-won’t-get-promoted-and-my-kids-will-think-I’m-a-loser-and-my-wife-will-run-off-with-that-guy-from-Peet’s-Coffee-and-take-my-dog-and-truck” decision. In other words, human nature gets in the way.”

What kind of company would be Google if they worked upon such a scheme? It is obvious that the company hiring bad workers won’t be successful and last for a long time, so it is very important to keep in mind that every worker you hire because he is average is the new wave for your Titanic on the way to the iceberg. Hiring the best people is not just possible but also necessary. Moreover, companies should invest time to make their employees better, only such an approach leads to development. Decision on hiring shouldn’t be made by one person, it is important to discuss the candidate to see the best and the worst, this will also allow to make decision unbiased and focused on brining the best people to the company even if their experience don’t much an open role.

Being a parent is an important job, especially when it is about raising your employees

As parents giving their kids the best environment to spread their wings and fly, so does the employer. Hiring smart creatives you should never forget that in order to use all the potential they have you have to provide them with the very best and the most suitable environment. You need to provide your colleagues with such an atmosphere where they won’t be afraid to fail.

“As already noted, experimentation is cheap and the cost of failure — if done well — is much lower than it used to be. Plus, data used to be scarce and computing resources precious; today both are abundant, so there’s no need to hoard them. And collaboration is easy, across a room, a continent, or an ocean. Put these factors together, and you suddenly have an environment where employees, from individual contributors to managers to executives, can have an inordinately big impact.”

Let’s think of what the good atmosphere can be for smart creatives

1) Decisions

People should know that they are appreciated and valued in the company, it will give them strength and desire to work more and work harder. That works especially for smart creatives, they have to feel that they can make a difference.

2) Communication

How is communication built in most part of modern companies? It is close, employees see and hear what they are allowed to. They receive only that information that was selected for them to receive. After talking so much about smart creative do you think it is the way communication with them should be built? Such people are the engine of the progress, but they won’t work if they don’t have the information, and not the one that was selected for them, but the one they chose themselves. Even if the right questions are asked, it is hard to get all details so in order to build a successful business all the information should be opened to everyone, it should be discussed and what is very important here, there should be no leaders just participants. This is the key to…

3) Innovation

What is innovation? It is something that surprises people, something they have never even thought of before and even if they thought it was in a perspective of hundred years. However, we are eyewitnessing the innovation Google shows or works on: Google Glass, self-driving cars, Android home etc. Why does this happen? The answer is simple, when everyone is free to give and idea, to tell about something he dreams he can inspire others or just convince that it is worth doing. If you want to be innovative you should be opened to any idea coming from anywhere. No matter how dreamy and fantastic it can sound like you never know if it works if you don’t try. These 3 simple facts will guarantee the freedom to employees and as the result the growth of the company which will lead to more and more innovation. Isn’t that the aim of any company?

Everything needed for things to work is a big idea

Something you have never even dare to dream about, imagine the world in five years, look for what is missing right now, don’t be afraid to imagine unimaginable, every single idea in the world has a chance for existing and if you work hard you can and you will make it come true. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope, you already have the plan by the multinational successful corporation. Don’t be afraid to be funny or sound odd, look back and think of how many things you can see or hear about now you couldn’t even imagine when you were a child.

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