Rawai VIP Villas PPC Case Study – How to Increase Conversion Rates with a Landing Page

Service: PPC.
Subject: Resort area rentals.
Region: Cyprus.

Results: Paid traffic conversion rate increased from 2.6% to 11.2%.

The Client

Rawai VIP Villas is a website which allows travellers to book villas in Thailand. The client's key goal was to get as many bookings as possible for a CPL budget which didn’t exceed $15 from residents of different regions such as Australia, Britain, Russia, Singapore, etc.

The Challenge

The problems were apparent even at the very first stage — the site speed was slow and the process of submitting an application was complicated. This was pushing most users away.

Why doesn’t online advertising work? Sometimes, it’s not about the advertising campaign itself. Online advertising just leads a user to a website. The key factor which affects the number of orders and sales is the website itself. In this particular project, the client changed his expensive and somewhat inefficient primary website to a pretty good one-pager website. As a result of this change, they managed to achieve their desired outcomes from online advertising.

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The Solution

Stage 1

Initially, advertising campaigns led to the old version of the website.

Advertising campaigns led to the old version of the website

The booking confirmation was available only on prepayment basis via PayPal. There was no collection form for leads.

lead generation form was absent

Realizing the complexity of the website, the client asked for our recommendations on site optimization.

Stage 2

Advertising campaigns led to an updated version of the website. A button was added alongside a popup window which offered to send booking prices to the user's email. So, the leads collection began. However, the website was still not efficient enough, so we decided to try a new approach.

Stage 3

On March 29, the client launched a one-pager focused on collecting booking price applications.

landing page is not overloaded with booking functionality

the website turned out easier and faster

As a result, the website became easier and faster to navigate. Why?

  1. The landing page was not overloaded with booking functionalities.
  2. Users weren’t distracted by pages of the resort area specifics.

One more important thing. To fully control the effectiveness of online advertising, we implemented the transfer of user data to the web analytics system. This allowed us to compare real sales made through personal communication with a manager or directly from other devices, and the initial source of traffic — CPC.

The Results

Advertising was targeted at more than 12 countries. The best CPL results were achieved by Russian-language campaigns targeted at Russia. At the same time, there was an English version of the landing page for other regions, but its CPL was above the target CPL due to the high cost per click.

What results have been achieved

The conversion rate from the paid traffic to the booking page was 2.6% when the website was slow.

The conversion rate of the same site, but with an option to receive the booking price via email was slightly higher at  4.94%.

The one-pager produced excellent results — conversation rate of 11.24%. It clearly allowed the users to focus on the target action without getting distracted by unnecessary details.

Conversion rate of paid traffic

As a result, the landing page enabled us to achieve the desired price per request (and even lower!).

Desired price per request


To create efficient advertising campaigns, you have to do more than just click on the «buy organic traffic» button. It is necessary to implement further measures suggested by specialists, such as website improvement recommendations. If a website has low usability levels and an inconvenient purchasing process, consider changing its format. Don’t hold on to the old website version. A high quality landing page won’t divert the user’s attention. Instead, it will encourage the user to be more focused in performing the targeted actions.

In this project, creating the one-pager led to the following benefits:

  • paid traffic conversion rate increased from 2.6% to 11.2%, i.e., the client started to receive 11 applications (instead of 2-3 applications) out of 100 driven users;
  • website speed increased;
  • the cost per conversion decreased to below the desired level — up to $13.73.

We were especially grateful that the client showed the initiative to improve the old website, asked for advice on replacing texts, page elements or entire pages, and properly implemented our recommendations.

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