Netpeak consulting: what is it and why do in-house teams need it?

Just a short time ago, only large market players could afford to have their own teams of SEO and PPC specialists. As for now, the availability of an in-house team is specified in 33% of applications for promotion we receive.

I’ve been in internet marketing for more than eight years, and for those who develop in-house teams, I have three pieces of news: bad, bad again and good.

A team leader is difficult to find

The first bad piece of news: most likely, there is no active leader in your team — the one who “pushes” every worker, the one who generates ideas, the one who inspires. A leader should be able to clearly express his thoughts in the technical requirements (provide details, add sub-items) and to carefully check whether the work results meet the conditions specified in a task.  Among other things, team members should respect him.

Why do I say you don’t have such a leader? I have been looking for such people for years, and they’re extremely difficult to find. You must be outraged by what has been written above. Just ask yourself: when was the last time your in-house team offered to test any idea? Long ago or never.

A team leader is expensive to find

The second bad piece of news: to find and train an in-house team leader, you should spend much time and money — it will take at least 6 months,  $5000 and dozens of HR hours. But it doesn’t mean that the leader will work in your company for a long time. Businesses often forget to calculate the cost of searching, adapting, training and retaining a worker. I can tell you for sure: at least $ 5000 if it is a key employee.

And here is good news: we can help you.

A team leader can be taken from the agency

We launch three consulting services for projects with in-house teams:

  • for SEO and PPC specialists;
  • for team leaders;
  • for department heads.

For businesses seeking expert guidance and strategic advice to enhance their digital marketing efforts, we offer comprehensive digital marketing consultancy tailored to various roles within your organization, including SEO and PPC specialists, team leaders, and department heads.

Since consulting can mean different things to different people, here is a list of actions we will execute within this service:

  1. Analyzing project data for the last year.
  • Figuring out the project’s KPIs and checking their tracking relevance.
  • Analyzing tools: the ones you use and the ones you don’t.
  • Creating a list of untested or inefficiently used tools.
  • Analyzing efficient tools of promotion.
  • Creating a list of ideas to test in your in-house team.
  • Hypothesizing based on the collected data.
  • Prioritizing.
  • Writing a technical requirement on testing the hypotheses made.
  • Implementing changes in advertising campaigns engaging the in-house team workers.
  • Checking the campaigns changes implementation in accordance with the technical requirement.
  • Collecting data on the modified (improved) advertising campaigns.
  • Making conclusions based on the received data.
  • Scaling the results.

We use video calls to discuss important questions and make decisions on a project. All the agreed issues are available in written form. Сomments and notifications on the actions performed are added to the “PlanFix” CRM system the access to which will be provided to all members of an in-house team. This allows to set tasks, monitor results and make our work as clear as possible.

We also organize the way your team works: allocate responsibilities, prioritize tasks, teach to record any changes, actions and discussions.

Consulting is not similar to outstaffing or outsourcing — we provide you with our experience and knowledge, not with a person to perform all the work. Therefore, this service is considerably cheaper than hiring a full-fledged agency team, and its price doesn’t depend on the project turnover.

A recent example of Netpeak team interaction with clients:

Since it is necessary to form relations with an in-house team from scratch, only specialists of a senior level and higher will manage this service.

Here are just a few experts ready to temporarily lead your in-house teams:

Евгений Kent

Eugene (Kent) joined internet marketing in 2014. He worked on more than 40 projects of small, medium and large businesses (among them were Intertop, Pandora, Citrus, Textile-Contact and others). Eugene is the author of articles on the Netpeak blog, a speaker at specialized online and offline conferences. He also taught Search and Display advertising at Genius Marketing.

Анна (Infinity)

Anna (Infinity) has been working at Netpeak since 2013. She is a certified Bing, DoubleClick, Google AdWords, Google Analytics specialist. Anna has broad experience in promoting large e-commerce projects and news portals (among them are such well-known brands as Privatbank, Avtozvuk, Watsons, Citrus, LG, Ringoo, etc.).

She is a teacher of the "Internet marketing" course in Hillel computer school and the author of articles on Netpeak and Thinkwithgoogle blogs.

Александр (Ted)

Alexander (Ted) joined internet marketing in 2013. He has been working at Netpeak Internet Marketing Agency since 2015. Alexander has experience in both agency and in-house projects: from small online stores to large-scale products of OLX, Chocolife level. Thus, he has wide expertise in driving traffic: from small teaser networks to Google-level DoubleClick systems.

Current specialization: Mobile, large e-commerce projects. Certificates: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, DoubleClick, Marin Software.

Алекс (Brainy)

Alex (Brainy) is a Netpeak CPC specialist since 2015. He had been working as a marketer in EpiCentre offline retailer for more than 5 years before he joined internet marketing. Therefore, Alex has experience in traditional offline marketing and research. Certified specialist of the most popular advertising systems.

He worked with e-commerce, finance, real estate, B2B, event tickets projects. The author of articles on the Netpeak blog, a teacher at the Netpeak Education Center.

Андрей (nlo)

Andrew (nlo) joined internet marketing in 2011. He has been working at Netpeak Internet Marketing Agency since 2014. Andrew managed more than 60 projects of various subjects: from micro-budgets of local businesses to well-known brands. He was a teacher of PPC courses and wrote a number of specialized articles. As for now, Andrew is leading a team of 17 CPC specialists. Specialization: the creation and implementation of PPC strategies, optimization of advertising accounts, budgets, workflows.

Ирина (Irbin)

Irina (Irbin) joined the Netpeak team in 2015. She has experience in managing contextual advertising in the markets of the CIS, Europe and the USA. Irina works with various types of projects: corporate sites, SaaS, E-commerce. In 2016, she organized PPC team in Bulgaria and led it until July 2018. As for now, Irina is creating a new team of PPC specialists for the Western market and working with SaaS projects. Certified Google and Bing Specialist. Experience with LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook.

Дарья (Totoro)

Daria (Totoro) joined internet marketing in 2014. She has been working at Netpeak Internet Marketing Agency since 2016.  Daria started as a PPC specialist and worked her way up to the project manager and OLX team leader. She managed LeBoutique, ModnaKasta, Chocolife projects. The author of Mobile and PPC articles.

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