Netpeak Spider 2.1.1: new crawling modes, external links analysis, viewing page source and HTTP headers

Dear friends, in the previous blog post I talked about Netpeak Spider 2.1 – it was a very important release that has completely changed the way we think about the program. It introduced new functions and methods of using our SEO crawler.

In the course of the past 9 weeks we did exactly 9 releases and the time has come to sum up what we were able to carry out:

1. Number of Issues and Parameters

We always try to increase the number of issues which are automatically detected by Netpeak Spider. In the current update you'll be able to check your URLs for:


SEO issues

according to



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2. Crawling the List of URLs

A new mode to crawl the list of URLs allows you to add any custom list of URLs and check it for issues without limiting yourself to one website. Now, with the help of Netpeak Spider, you can perform a wide range of different tasks regarding on-page optimization analysis.

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3. XML Sitemap Crawling and Issues Detection

A new ‘XML Sitemap’ crawling mode is a unique tool, which allows you to check a Sitemap file for:



according to



Besides, all these issues and parameters are separate from the main ones and deal exclusively with Sitemap files. Then, there is an option to check all URLs from a Sitemap file for the issues and after you’re done correcting them, you can send the updated Sitemap file straight to the search engines using a ping request.

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⚠ video instruction is available

4. New Overview Panel and External Links Analysis

This update gives an opportunity to analyze external links, among which one can sometimes find dead links or links to websites that can cause harm to your reputation. With the help of the new ‘Overview’ panel we wanted to bring your attention to the fact that Netpeak Spider (unlike some of its counterparts) shows only the information that is actually present on the website, that is to say, you’ll never get the notification ‘0 pages return 404 status code’ because all it does distracts your attention.

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5. Viewing Page Source and HTTP Headers + 5 New Issues

In this update, we released a new option that allows you to view a page source, HTTP headers, and additional URL data. We also added 5 new issues: ‘Invalid HTML Document Structure’, ‘Links with bad URL format’, ‘External 4xx-5xx Errors Pages’, ‘External Redirect’, ‘Non-https Protocol’.

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⚠ video instruction is available

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In a nutshell

Netpeak Spider 2.1.1 presents:

  1. Crawling the list of URLs.
  2. XML Sitemap crawling and issues detection.
  3. New ‘Overview’ panel and external links analysis.
  4. Viewing page source and HTTP headers.
  5. Detection of 5 new issues.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Netpeak Spider yet, we are pleased to offer you a 14-day free trial that grants full access to all the tool’s features. If you’re well acquainted with the program, make sure you are on time for global testing, which ends on Oct 9, 2016.

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This version is a midpoint on the way to Netpeak Spider 2.1.3 – a very important event in life of our SEO crawler. We are already working on the new features and will be able to please you again soon!

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