Raters Success Story: Growth in Installs by 100%

Service: App Store Optimization.
Niche: Mobile applications.
Team: RadASO.

Results: Growth in installs by 100%, impressions increased by 1887%.

The Client

Raters is an app that allows users to select movies based on reviews by other people.

In the app, you can see film ratings according to your friends' reviews and even form an interest group.

Prior to our cooperation, the Raters app had a few installs per day and only 15 main locales were involved.

The Challenge

Increase the number of impressions and installs of the Raters application in the App Store for different countries.

The Solution

  1. We conducted competitor analysis.
  2. The app was audited and growth points were identified (e.g., metadata checks, positions, missing locales).
  3. Semantic core of a high quality was accumulated and prepared.
  4. Metadata was collected and analysed for subsequent iterations.

We worked on creating text ASO for European, Latin American and EN locales, and also used data collected based on competitor analysis and Apple Search Ads.

Apple Search Ads displays the popularity of each key query. In the Search Ads interface, popularity is shown schematically, but with the help of special browser extensions, you can see the number equivalent of popularity. Its value ranges from 5 to 99, where 5 means low traffic and 99 is the maximum. This scale is the same for all countries, but the values for the same keyword differs for different countries. Thus, Apple Search Ads allows us to determine the approximate number of impressions that we can get from a query of any popularity.

In general, the growth in installs was due to the qualitative selection of keywords.

Additionally, we regularly iterated the metadata. This allowed us to quickly extract relevant key queries for which we ranked highly, and we could weed out non-working keywords.

The Results

We increased impressions by 1,887% and installs by 3,484%. Not only that, MAU (Monthly Active Users), i.e., the number of unique users who entered the application during the month, increased by 19 times.

Growth in installs across countries:

Comparison of installs for the periods before and after ASO:  

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