SEO 2.0: How to get the effectiveness of your SEO marketing campaign to a new level

The key to business success on the Internet is a good product and well-built website with user-friendly design and high quality content. However, the competitive struggle is so tough, that even if the client will make an order just after the first visit of our site, he has to somehow get there. And this is the moment when SEO comes out.

In this post, we want to tell you about SEO 2.0 – an innovative approach to online business promotion that perfectly fits all new requirements of search engine ranking algorithms and focuses on final result that the client needs. The key difference of this solution is advanced prioritization and focus on initial goals.

Online promotion campaign is the most effective tool for getting closer to your customers and building productive relationship with them. This can be reached through increasing the website visibility in SERP and therefore making your target audience notice you. One of the most important aspects of SEO is making it easier for the search engines and users to understand what your website is about. However, a bunch of topical keywords is not enough for reaching real clients and growing sales.

Work with real people

To get more clients and increase sales, you have to work with real people. It is important to identify your potential client, his main problems and desires, and form your campaign in accordance grounding on these guidelines.

Expand your keywords base

One of the most important elements of SEO promotion is working with keywords. The great number of websites prefer to with a list of specified keywords that are directly associated with the arey they word in.

However, nowadays such approach do not give the desired result. Elaborating a more expanded keywords base and constant work on it revision, optimization and development is much more effective. Therefore, it is important not to be afraid to work with more keywords when promoting a website.

SEO 2.0: new solution to website promotion

We at Netpeak have already worked with so many different projects, that decided to collect all received knowledge and experience of our specialists to form an upgraded approach to SEO. We are not focused on the process, but on the final result that all websites need to achieve: growing sales.

Therefore, our promotion process is targeted towards increasing conversions rather than just getting the website to the higher positions in SERP. We already know that a lot of websites that do not rank in the top five can get high conversions because of the algorithms that are used by search engines.

The innovative character of our promotion campaign is the main reason why we call it SEO 2.0.

The key targets to be reached within the campaign

To get the best result, we identify the most important tasks and focus on them. To increase the campaign’s effectiveness, our specialists make accent on boosting your business through website improvement. The quality of your website is what makes clients actually see you and what you can propose.

Switching from working with search engines to working with website guarantees you a long-term effect. When you try to get to the top positions by the defined number of queries, you receive a position that can be lost in one second. To solve a problem you have to see its real cause. When your website has relevant content, clear design, all necessary information and constantly updates all data, it will gain good rates. When a website is not optimized, it won’t be popular among users and therefore its rating will be constantly decreasing.

However, we have already mentioned the competitive struggle. Each sphere is flooded with businesses that try to win the market. And the ones that know how to do it properly, are doing SEO. Therefore, if want to be just good, but to get t the top, you have to support your website with SEO promotion.

Personal control over the campaign

To be sure you receive what you want, each business owner has to easily access all data on the project. At Netpeak, all clients have full visibility of the progress made on their website at any time viwa their personal dashboard. You can be sure you will always be informed about all changes in your campaign, tracking the process of website promotion.

Your data is displayed in our analytics system that is both simple and powerful. This system gives you all necessary information to proceed your business development. You can see all strong and weak sides of your website and how we improve them day by day in real time regime.

Summarizing the benefits

The best proof of your reliability is our experience. During 10 years of our work, Netpeak SEO specialists have already collected over 1500 successful projects under the belt. The great amount of different projects we worked with helped us develop an effective approach to each business and we have also shared our experience in multiple case studies.

For sure, all of our success stories were not easy gains but the result of everyday hard work of a great number of people. Within these years we succeeded in creating the best of the best team of specialists that are teaching young specialists, presenting their work on international conferences and always upgrading their skills and knowledge. We work with extremely talented and motivated people, both Netpeak team and our clients.

Are you ready for success? SEO 2.0 is so much more than just promotion. Become the member of the great team that has already experienced its effectiveness.

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