Top 10 Communication Problems with SEO Clients

Search engine optimization (site promotion) is a very peculiar service. The problem is potentially conditioned by non-transparent agreements of an executor (SEO company) with a SEO service customer.
There are many aspects which should be taken into consideration when ordering a site promotion service. If not some problems may appear and to understand the reasons of them you have to get more information. The question "How much does our site promotion cost?" has no sense before the Brief will be filled in. We email it (the questionnaire) when get an inquiry. If a customer doesn’t have time to fill in our Brief, we have no desire to deceive him. We don’t ask money for an unuseful job. And it’s unavoidable in conditions of weak collaboration between client and an executor. Here is TOP-10 of what client doesn’t understand sometimes:
A client doesn’t understand…
  • What does he really need.
  • That there’s no need in what he asks for. That means a client doesn’t always right in this field.
  • Why SEO company cannot guarantee the result, only makes some prognosis.
  • The difference between methods of site promotion.
  • The reasons why we can refuse to work with him or to promote several sites.
  • The advantages of site promotion by search engine optimization methods or why it should be paid for this service.
  • Why some SEO companies provide full information about the service and some don’t. When everything is told the damage of information’s integrity and trustworthiness may appear.
  • The difference between the contextual advertising service and search engine optimization service.
  • Why a certain search engine is chosen to promote a site in. 
  • Why he should read the articles on our site. BTW we make our best to make some things clear for everyone who is interested in site promotion, the SEO service, the contextual advertising service and so on.
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