What are switchers and why are they needed in ASO?

Our team at RadASO knows many helpful tips and tricks that will be useful to anyone who works in the ASO field. In this article, we'll discuss switchers — what they are and how exactly they facilitate the work of an ASO specialist. We prepared a comprehensive compilation of verified ASO switchers. Let's take a closer look!

We will cover:

  1. Switchers - What are they?
  2. Why do ASO specialists need switchers in App Store Optimization?
  3. How do you use switchers? Review of their advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Analogues on the web (plugins) - Key advantages and disadvantages.

A switcher is a free tool that helps ASO specialists optimize and speed up their work. For example, instead of manually switching the locale in the App Store and Google Play on the device itself, you can do the same thing faster by using a switcher. In addition, you can see what the store looks like in another country.

There are two types of switchers - web and mobile. 

A web switcher allows you to:

  • Check up-to-date metadata in any country. Experts often need to pay attention to small details such as localization of graphical and textual ASO;
  • View app ratings and reviews in the country of interest.

A mobile switcher allows you to:

  • Check search results on request in any country of your choice;
  • View app metadata on the search and store page;
  • Check for auto-correction of a misspelled search query (only for App Store search queries on iOS/macOS);
  • See what the store looks like in a particular country and the featured selections there.

Switchers come in many forms. For instance, you can use a browser plugin or a dedicated app for the purpose. Below, we'll take a look at all the options available today.

First up - web switchers


ASO - Tool Box by StoreMaven

A handy tool whose main advantage is the ability to preview metadata elements on mobile devices. Also available for the App Store.


ASO & Search Ads by AppTweak

It differs from the previous plugin in that it features a keyword density calculator instead of a metadata preview that comes with the mobile version. Also available for the App Store.

Country Switcher for Google Play

A switcher with no additional functionality. Only available for Google Play.

Mobile switchers

To select a different locale in Google Play, you can simply change the device's language. In the App Store, you need to change your Apple ID's country, which is more time-consuming. Therefore, for the sake of productivity, RadASO team recommends a dedicated tool if you're planning on frequently switching the locale in the App Store.

Switchr by Imagility 

This is perhaps the most popular solution that ASO specialists use in their work. The tool is simple and intuitive but is only available for iOS users.


Switcher by ASO Giraffe

A switcher tool developed by a popular ASO service provider. Currently, it's only available in beta, and the mobile version is only on iOS for now. Its key advantage is convenience, as it allows you to switch countries inside the app instead of through a web page that needs to be constantly refreshed.

Another powerful feature is the addition of keyword search functionality that displays search results exactly as they would appear in other countries and languages (this also works in Google Play).


ASO Toolkit by Redbox Mobile 

Easily one of the most convenient switchers for the App Store at the moment.

Some of this tool's many advantages over its competitors include:

It's available not only for iOS but also macOS;

An option to add a widget with a list of countries that the user can select;

The inclusion of additional tools, such as keyword search, metadata prototype, top charts, ASO tips, and others.

Note that the app is only available for iOS versions 15+.


Alternative switching methods

So what about alternative ways of adjusting the country or locale in Google Play and the App Store?  Based on our extensive experience and expertise, we at Netpeak RadASO also recommend using JavaScript when you transition from the ASO platform to the application page in the store.

To change the country or region in Google Play, insert the following code in the address bar: &hl=uk&gl=ua, where UA (Ukraine) is the top-level domain of the country and UK (Ukrainian) is the locale that we want to see being used on the app's page.

To change the country and locale in the App Store, the abbreviated domain script should look like this: https://apps.apple.com/UA/app/id284882215?l=uk, where UA is the country and ?l=uk is the locale.

Also, one way to display the app page in the desired country and locale is through the standard ASO tools that come with such functionality.

For example, in Sensor Tower, you can select the desired country and click on the "View in Store" link. However, it's worth noting that in this case, the language will need to be changed manually using the code.


Switchers allow ASO specialists to optimize and speed up their workflow when evaluating a SERP or an app page in Google Play and the App Store, as they allow you to quickly display the content in any locale. Many switcher tools are available on the market, and you should choose the one that best aligns with your objectives and goals.

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