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for business owners, digital marketing managers and in-house teams

Our team can work with you design and implement marketing processes that will help you manage your promotional activities more effectively.

We can help you design incentive programs, create guidelines, reports, define KPIs, organize in-house SEO and PPC teams, and find new ways to promote your products and services.
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In-house specialists often need an outside perspective, narrow expertise in new tools, or just to shake up the routine. The consulting practice is common in the taxation, finance and legal industry, but it is not the case with digital marketing.

Our consulting services are designed to change that and help you find new growth opportunities to develop your digital expertise.
Dmitrii Piskarev
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dmitrii Piskarev Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Netpeak

When It Can Help Your Business

You are struggling to figure out whether you need to invest in online advertising for your business or find the solutions that would deliver results.
You aren't satisfied with your in-house marketing team performance but are unsure how to improve it.
Your eCommerce KPIs are dropping and you feel like you're going round in circles.
Your marketing tasks and ideas keep piling up and only a few are successfully implemented.
You are having difficulties building your own in-house marketing team, hiring skilled and experienced professionals.
You're struggling to measure your marketing performance and are at a loss when choosing effective tools for your campaign.

What We Offer

As part of our consulting services, we integrate your marketing team into our agency processes. We align your teams with ours to work according to our tried and tested checklists and KPI systems. We don't just stop at making recommendations, but will guide your team along every step of the process from brainstorming to implementation and scaling up results.

The following is included:

Analysis of the project for a one-year period:
  • Evaluation of your project KPIs and performance measures;
  • review of the tools not used, and building up an understanding of the reasons behind this;
  • collation of the ones that haven't been tested;
  • analysis of the effective promotional tools.
Analysis of internal team processes:
  • Task assignment;
  • reporting systems;
  • team communication.
Creation of a list of recommendations and ideas to test within your in-house team
Generation of hypotheses based on the data collected
Prioritization based on tasks complexity, implementation cost and expected results
Creation of a technical requirement document based on the hypotheses for further testing
Our in-house team implements the adjustments to your advertising campaign
Reviewing the modifications implemented according to the technical requirement document
Collection of data on the modified ad campaigns
Drawing conclusions based on the data collected
Scale up of results and establishment of new growth points

Our Consulting Services Will Help You Embed Better Working Practices for the Following Specialists:

SEO and PPC specialists:
The processes will become more clear and transparent with checklists, TR documents, task prioritization and incentive systems.
Team leaders of narrow product line teams:
The team leaders will get additional expertise which is difficult to attain within a business. They will obtain new performance monitoring tools and practices as well as clear methodologies to develop and implement hypotheses.
Digital marketing department managers:
Your employees will run a transparent and manageable process of marketing strategy implementation, get planning and monitoring tools, incentive and reporting systems together with an effective communication system with colleagues and contractors.

What Does Your Business Get?

Strategy and digital marketing growth path

After conducting the audit and building a strategy, together with your specialists, we consider what has been done so far, where are we now and what should be done next to improve results and gain a competitive advantage.

Clear TRs and checklists for strategy implementation

Our specialists will provide clear recommendations and build processes for your in-house team.

Training and support for your marketing team

Your specialists will benefit from the expertise of the leading specialists of our agency with 13 years of experience and 3000+ projects behind us.

Clear and manageable marketing strategy

You will always have a clear view of what is happening in your marketing team, the objectives, and who's in charge of certain tasks in real time.

SEO and PPC investment protection

Our specialists' expertise will help you distinguish between profitable and unprofitable areas and help you to focus on the practices and tools that have proven to be effective.

Transparent marketing investments

This is possibly the most simple one - we will help you understand how much have you earned or lost on any given marketing activity.

Martech solutions by Netpeak Group

Netpeak Software
Academy Ocean
A multifunctional SEO platform able to conduct competitor and website analysis, track your site ranking, backlinks, and content quality.
Serpstat enables businesses to perform keyword research for web pages (new and existing). It can also help detect critical errors that impact search rankings, and give detailed instructions on how to fix these. Serpstat enables you to perform a vast array of tasks that are part of the workflow of SEO teams.
Ringostat is an innovative platform that provides end-to-end analytics, call tracking and a virtual PBX all-in-one single system.
Ringostat can integrate sales and marketing efforts and provide you with a single interface to track ROI, conversions, and calls. Key features include end-to-end analytics, call tracking, callback, virtual PBX, Analytical Assistant, Sales Manager, and an inbuilt smartphone in a browser. The software is also listed as a Google Analytics Certified Partner.
Netpeak Software develops desktop tools for SEO specialists and webmasters:
  • Netpeak Spider is a tool to perform regular SEO audits, quick error detections, system analysis, and web scraping.
  • Netpeak Checker a tool for scraping search results and aggregating data from top SEO resources to analyze and compare multiple websites.
Academy Ocean makes employees adapt more quickly, saves time for both managers and employees, and makes learning fascinating and engaging.

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