Book24 Success Story: 100% Revenue Growth from Email Marketing

Service: Email marketing.
Niche: Online bookstore.

Results: Increase in revenue by 100%.

The Client

Before the start of our cooperation, the project had basic triggers (automatic emails), a base for email contacts, and manual mailings which included emails about promotions or new products. Income from the mailing channel contributed 6% of the total e-commerce income. 

At the start of 2020, the mailings became less effective. In June, a significant drop in income was noted and by August, revenue had reached its lowest levels.

The Challenge

  1. Increase revenue from the email channel.
  2. Develop and scale the channel.
  3. Increase engagement among the audience.

The Solution

First, we analyzed the already customized triggers, corrected existing issues, and configured new templates. The design of the emails had not been changed for several years and some of them were non-adaptive.

Next, we prepared and implemented new themes for manual mailings to increase engagement and attract new subscribers.

We designed new headings to attract additional clients and increase income from the mailings:

  • happy hours - discounts valid for several hours;
  • unique promo codes - only subscribers received them, they were not on the site;
  • night discounts - promo codes for subscribers, valid for only a few hours at night;
  • book selections with free shipping;
  • mailings with gamification - letters with riddles, a series of letters with riddles, letters with AMP elements;
  • book giveaways among subscribers.

We also used gamification in our emails. Gamification is a must-have in email letters. Not only does it simplify  communication with the customer, it involves them in the communication process. By completing simple tasks, the subscriber can get a discount and the client gets a customer with a positive attitude.

The Results

  1. After introducing new topics, fixing bugs, and applying gamification, email revenue began to grow. By December 2020, revenue was doubled compared to July.
  2. The number of transactions more than doubled during the same period.
  3. The increase in revenue was especially noticeable when comparing year to year, with average monthly revenue increasing every month. In April, the email channel brought in more than 11% of total revenue, a clear increase from the initial figure of 6%.

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