PPC Case Study – Increased Transaction Coefficient by 65.25%

Results: Transaction coefficient increased by 65.25% and number of transactions went up by 41.27%.

The Client

The Pandora brand was created in Denmark in 1982. Pandora offers a wide variety of jewelry including charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants for women to express their personal style.

Since 2015, Amadeo Central Asia has been the official and exclusive distributor of Pandora in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Residents of Kazakhstan can buy Pandora products in 26 branded stores across the country or order online via the official website with delivery throughout Kazakhstan.

The Challenge

We aimed to increase brand sales for the month of March, relative to last year's figures.

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The Solution

Here is what we did in the Google advertising platform.

  1. Set up targeting by standard audience interest in Google Ads.
  2. Set up targeting for other thematic audiences.
  3. Set up advertising campaigns for custom audiences:
  • store brand – to reach the most loyal audience;
  • the competitor brands - to attract audiences from other brands. If the promotional offer looks worthy, there is a probability of gaining some of the audience;
  • thematic requests for jewelry - it is important to work with audiences who are closely associated with the product;
  • general inquiries about gifts for girls, moms and daughters - work with audiences at the very top of the funnel;
  • inquiries related to the the holiday season.
  1. Set up targeting for similar or look-alike audiences based on those who have made purchases during the year.
  2. Launched ad campaigns for remarketing audiences. 
  3. Segmented audiences:
  • by product card visitors;
  • by abandoned baskets;
  • by shoppers.
  1. Launched targeting for the store's customer base.

The Results

  1. CTR increased by 19.74%.
  2. Cost per click was reduced by 19.13%.
  3. Transaction coefficient increased by 65.25%.
  4. Number of transactions grew by 41.27%.
  5. Turnover increased by 30.74%.
  6. Price per transaction showed reduction of 42.75%.

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