Vodafone Retail SEO Case Study – Organic Traffic Growth by 54.22%, Non-Branded Traffic Growth by 99%

Service: SEO.

Niche: Internet and communication.

Results: Non-branded traffic increased by 99%, total organic traffic — by 54.22%.

The Client

Vodafone Shop is an online platform of the Vodafone company. As the leading mobile operator in Ukraine, Vodafone serves 18.8 million subscribers.

This company has successfully implemented social projects and improved 4G network coverage. Not only that, Vodafone has also developed an online store that offers a wide range of smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and other gadgets and accessories.

Vodafone Shop is a newcomer to the market of electronics and accessories. The challenge of promotion was that the niche of electronics, technologies, and accessories is quite saturated. There are several competitors, including both large marketplaces and narrow-niche retailers.

The Challenge

Our goal was to increase search traffic and therefore, sales.


  • increase targeted organic traffic;
  • increase the visibility of Vodafone Shop for non-branded queries;
  • improve the search ranking of priority categories.

The tasks were divided into several categories.

  1. Technical SEO: fix critical errors on the website, set up website change detection and monitoring on the both the main website and competitor websites.
  2. Content: perform website content optimization (i.e., texts, h1 tags, title tags, meta description tags).
  3. Structure: create an optimized website structure, prevent unnecessary pages from indexing, expand the filter structure.
  4. Off-page SEO: high quality link building.
  5. Analytics: prepare analytical tools to measure results and monitor KPIs.

The Solution

  1. Before initiating the project, we created a forecast of the search traffic growth. We then started working to meet the KPI targets for traffic management.

The forecast included:

  • calendar for category page optimization;
  • monthly forecast of positions and traffic;
  • branded traffic forecast;
  • final forecast.
  1. All necessary technical SEO tasks were completed.
  2. Data analytics were set up. To track results with ease, we created a Google Data Studio report on the main KPIs.
  3. Website content was optimized via the following steps:
  • optimized title tags and description meta tags for category pages and filters according to seasonality and priority analysis by Vodafone Retail Ukraine;
  • provided technical requirements for texts on the Vodafone Retail Ukraine blog.
  1. Link building was performed through a few different strategies:
  • crowd-marketing by posting links on forums and in comments;
  • purchased links at link exchange systems;
  • outreach by identifying thematic websites and asking webmasters to post links.

We conducted a detailed analysis of competitors and market share for the niche. Based on the data obtained, we built a promotion strategy and created a forecast on potential traffic, transactions, and ROMI.

The Results

  1. We successfully carried out the plan from May 2020 to April 2021.
  2. In the second half of the year, the technical requirement implementation slowed down. This reduced the dynamics of organic traffic growth. Despite the difficulties, the plan was implemented by 100.27%.

  1. We increased non-branded traffic from 39% to 55.71%.

  1. Non-branded traffic increased by 98.88% from April 2020 to April 2021.

  1. Total organic traffic increased by 54.22% from April 2020 to April 2021.


Daria Kovtun, Project Manager at Netpeak:

Each month, the Vodafone Retail Ukraine and Netpeak teams made an action plan and set priorities based on business or seasonal requirements. In case of unforeseen tasks, alternative technical and content solutions were adopted. Thus, we managed not to suspend the optimization process and work on the cumulative effect of regular SEO implementations.

The market analysis has shown there's a potential for growth, so there is still a lot of optimization ahead.


Olga Korolyuk, SEO Specialist at Vodafone Retail Ukraine:

Owing to regular communication with the Netpeak team, prompt response to changes, and adaptation of monthly work plans, we were able to achieve our goals. Hard and timely work, directed mainly at links and content, contributed to the stable growth of organic traffic. We are pleased with the current results and hope for successful cooperation in the future!

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