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Netpeak CSS

Netpeak is a certified Google Comparison Shopping Services Partner.

Netpeak has partner status in all countries where the program is available. Using Netpeak CSS provides more effective shopping campaigns, increased revenue, and optimized costs for your business.
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Do you need this for your business?

The answer is "Yes, definitely!" — if you are an online store and sell your products or services in a country where Google supports Shopping Ads and Comparison Shopping Services. The list is constantly expanding and currently includes 18 member states of the European Economic Area (EEA), Great Britain and Switzerland.

What is a Comparison Shopping Service - CSS?

CSS is an offer aggregator - a website that collects offers for products from online merchants and then sends users to the merchant's web page to make a purchase.

It is not obligatory for your specific offers to be present on this aggregator site. This is required only to certify the partnership with Google.

Once the CSS certification is obtained
the partner agency becomes the intermediary between the merchant and the shopping ads on Google - the necessary link.
Shopping ads placements across the web
Shopping ads are more than just a text ad – they show users a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more. The product ad is displayed at the top or on the right side of the SERP results. It may also be displayed in the Shopping tab (which is present in some countries), Google Images, the Google Search Partner pages, and the Google Display Network, which includes YouTube, Gmail, and Google Discover.

Main advantages:

  • in the ads the user can see the name of the product, its price, and image;
  • ranking on top of the google search results;
  • getting better qualified leads from Google Ads;
  • broader online presence
  • the ad is always up-to-date because the price and the availability are automatically updated;
  • users really like it.
  • more than one of your Shopping ads can appear for a given user search and, if relevant, a Shopping ad and a text ad can also appear at the same time.

Choosing a CSS partner

In Europe, there are many CSS partners that allow merchants to reach millions of customers through shopping advertising. The traditional Google Shopping CSS is just one of them. Netpeak CSS is another option.

Certified CSS service providers, including Netpeak, have a 20% competitive advantage in auctions over shopping ads placed directly through Google Shopping CSS.

This is done in order to synchronize with European antitrust law and is a unique opportunity provided only in countries that are members of the European Union, Switzerland, and after Brexit - the United Kingdom.

Opportunities for development after joining Netpeak CSS

1. Reduction of bids, respectively the costs for Shopping, and keeping of the existing sales.

2. Maintaining current costs, increasing traffic, and, thanks to increased efficiency, achieving more sales.

3. Increasing the budget while maintaining the current efficiency and achieving wider market expansion.

Why Netpeak CSS?

Lower costs, more sales or increased volume - you choose
Netpeak as a CSS partner has a 20% competitive advantage in auctions, which, depending on the bid strategy that is used, can be expressed as a preferential cost-per-click from Google — 20% lower, or as significantly increased coverage and effectiveness of your ad when using bid-based conversion strategies. This means that with the same advertising budget you will have better results with Netpeak CSS. Google Shopping Ads are proven to generate 26% higher conversion rates and have a 23% lower cost-per-click than text ads.
More effective ads
We have 16 years of experience in the field of online advertising in hundreds of projects around the world. Our specialists have over 250 certificates of qualification in Google Ads.
Maximum advantages
Netpeak, as Google's CSS partner, has many advantages in addition to the increased efficiency by 20%. Thanks to the CSS program, Netpeak receives individual consultations and training and uses beta tools that are not available to ordinary advertisers.

Netpeak will help you be one step ahead of your competitors!

Who needs it?

Shopping advertising for comparative shopping, combined with the Netpeak CSS service, will lead to a significant increase in the return on investment (ROI) for all players in e-commerce. This is particularly advantageous in areas where margins are shrinking, foreign traders are present or competition is rapidly growing.

Those who act on time will increase their market share. Using CSS is already an industry standard in Western Europe — it's just not profitable to advertise without CSS. The sooner you take advantage of the +20% provided by CSS, the greater your competitive advantage will be.

Frequently asked Questions

How long will Google CSS be in place?
The CSS program is constantly evolving and Google is interested in making the service as popular as possible. Unlike some allowances that were only initially given, the 20% advantage for CSS Partners is likely to be available for a long time, making Partner advertising highly effective.

However, let's not forget - CSS is the result of a political decision and there is a possibility of changing the conditions. But the important thing is that the program is currently active, so take advantage of it as quickly as possible.
Advertising through a CSS partner - how does it work?

The CSS partner is an intermediary between the merchant and his shopping ad on Google - the necessary link. In addition to Google, there are other CSS partners, including Netpeak, that give you a 20% advantage. It is also entirely possible to advertise through multiple CSS partners at once (this requires multiple Merchant Center accounts and multiple campaigns).

How does the 20% discount work?
Each CSS partner gets a 20% price advantage in their CPC bids in real-time bidding to display ads from shopping campaigns that will compete with Google CSS. In practice, this means that a bid of EUR 1.6 from a partner in the course of the auction has the same value as a bid of EUR 2.0 by Google CSS. Those who advertise through Google CSS must bid 25% more in the auction than those who advertise through a CSS partner.
What does the 20% discount mean to me?
This discount is not an actual reimbursement of CPC costs, but an advantage in real-time bidding for a specific bidding position against Google CSS. Your ads through a CSS partner start from a better position, participate in more auctions, and are likely to get more impressions. CSS partners do not have a price advantage over each other.
They also do not have a price advantage in ads from dynamic remarketing, which is part of Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Such a clear impact of CSS, such as cost-per-click reduction, will only be seen in a standard CPC bid shopping campaign. In a smart shopping campaign or a simple but bid-based conversion strategy, the benefit will generally not be fully and specifically represented in reducing the cost-per-click. But a thorough analysis will find it and sum it scattered across various indicators, such as increased volume and number of transactions.
Is it possible to test the ad through a CSS partner?
It is possible to run testing, but it is a complex and time-consuming process. You must create a separate Merchant Center account through the Partner and launch new Google Ads campaigns and ads. The account and campaigns have no history, which inevitably worsens the initial results, especially in the area of possible volume. Such users come to the decision to switch to full migration very quickly, as the advantage of advertising through a CSS partner is pretty obvious.
Will you have access to my data?
It depends on your decision. You can give us access to the Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts. Or just to the Merchant Center. Or, option number 3, you can just decide not to grant us access to anything and continue to use the full power and advantages of Netpeak CSS.

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