3 Ways To Boost Your SEO Efforts With Content Marketing

By: Pilar Nalwimba, SuperTasker If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s likely you’ve already made the decision to take your SEO to that much-needed next level. You may have outsourced your SEO to an Agency, hired a consultant, installed some plugins, or maybe you're currently in the midst of deciding on all of the above. Even though the lure of working with experts or tools is appealing, it's important to understand that your work doesn't stop there. You may not be the SEO expert, but there are ways that you can help to support your SEO efforts through content marketing to get the maximum return on your investment.

1. Blogging

SEO is all about discovery, with the Holy Grail being that first page ranking. With thousands of people searching for a need that you are able to supply or a problem that you can solve, there's no better way than blogging to communicate that you're the best person for the job. You may have heard it time and time again, but blogging is a powerful tool that works. It allows you to showcase your expertise about the industry you operate in, which is a great opportunity to both position yourself and drive leads.

Get familiar with your keywords and the terms that people use when they are searching for the products or services you supply, and then create informative blog posts around this that will help to educate or empower the potential customer.

The key word here is to be HELPFUL We understand how tempting it is to go straight in for a sale, but the key word here is to be HELPFUL. A fantastic example of the power of content marketing is Unbounce, which began to blog 6 months before launching their business. They cite bringing in 9,800 customers in the past 5 years, as a result of their long-term blogging efforts. The key lesson here is to not only produce great content, backed up by a kick ass promotional strategy, but to do so on a consistent basis.

2. Video

Beyond blogging, you should consider other mediums that might suit your industry, such as video. It has been said that by 2017 nearly 80% of internet traffic will be purely video-based. The rule of thumb for great videos is it should either Educate, Entertain or Inspire. If your videos are not entertaining, then aim to produce some great content that solves problems for your potential customers. This not only builds trust, but can also help people who have never heard of your business before to discover you. The rule of thumb for great videos is it should either Educate, Entertain or Inspire

Any video content that is posted on high traffic sites like YouTube, which is owned by Google, should have the right meta tags and clear calls-to-action, with links back to your main site. Aim to keep your content fresh with new videos by following the guidelines above, and you'll not only be sure to compliment your SEO efforts, you’ll also see a welcome boost in traffic.

3. Tweet

Earlier this year, Twitter reached an agreement with Google to provide the search engine with access to its full stream of tweets. Google has always had some form of limited access, which has mainly been crawling tweets with good traction from popular influencers who have a pre-existing and large network. Full access, on the other hand, means that Google can crawl all tweets, even though details of how this works are still limited. What it means for you is that now, more than ever, your Social Media Strategy should be integrated with all your marketing efforts, especially SEO. Twitter reached an agreement with Google to provide the search engine with access to its full stream of tweets Ensure the content that you share is timely, relevant, adds value and that your hashtags tie in with your keywords. Tweets should be consistent with regular updates and good levels of engagement, and where possible, enter conversations that showcase your expertise in your respective industry. If you find you have stretched yourself too thinly across your marketing efforts, outsource your tweets with the help of a Social Media Manager. is a platform that allows you to get small digital tasks done super fast, without having to find, hire and manage freelancers. You simply place an order (like a 400 word blog post, 10 tweets, designing a Facebook banner, styling a deck, or a wordpress fix), and we take it from there. Each task has 5 revisions included, typically starts within 3 minutes, and delivered within an hour! So its a powerful way of getting digital work done at a high quality, super cheap and super fast.

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