Case Study: Contextual Advertising and Comparison Shopping Engines in the Category “Winter Tires”: ROMI up to 847%

Service: PPC.
Category: winter tires.

Result: ROMI increased by 847%.

The Client

The client’s initial goal was to obtain the following data:

  • conversion rate;
  • average basket.

The Challenge

The site was built just by the beginning of the season and aggregating data was crucial for getting ready for the next one. Thereby, several brands of winter tires were allocated for promotion. During the preparatory stage (September) we only worked to promote some of the brands.

The Solution

We created Google Ads account and came up with the relevant list of keywords. As we had previously worked on a similar project, we used our experience for developing the strategy with the new client. New data, like profit margins and brands list was also taken to account. Kiev was chosen as the initial geotargeting location. We selected the following brands: Bridgestone, Continental, Fulda, Goodyear, Hankook, and Michelin.

Then we put more emphasis on the range of queries, changed the ad view time and continued optimizing the account. In addition, we increased spending on comparison shopping sites and experimented with its placement.

The Results

Client’s expenses — $2,597.19 (including agency’s service fees).
Margin — 15%.
Revenue with Google Analytics — $28,813.46.
Gross margin — $4,322.01.
Gross margin ROI (ROMI) — 66%, but including phone calls — 847%.

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