Expert Tips for Getting Excellent Photos for Instagram

In this digital age, social media plays a vital role in our day to day lives. People spend a lot of time on the various social networks, and many of them even make purchase decisions based on the social influence. From general individuals to big corporate businesses, everyone has their own share and freedom to be a part of social media and reap its benefits.

Instagram is one of the top-line social media platforms that is ideal for image and video sharing. Nearly 600 million users are sharing their life and business images on this digital platform. If you are one of them, do you consistently put high-quality photos on Instagram? For someone who wants to get likes and get a considerable number of real Instagram followers, it is essential to put in high-quality images to impress the audience. Here, we will discuss some expert tips to get beautiful photos that you can post on Instagram.

What are best photos?

Experts say that the best photo on Instagram is the one that can tell a story on its own without the need of words. The viewers who look at it should get the instant feel and emotion you wanted to create and acknowledge to its uniqueness and creativity. Think creatively while you are out clicking for the best shots and process it smartly to incorporate the exact message you wanted to convey. Some tips for clicking the best image are below.

Take advantage of natural light

Adequate lighting is important to get a high-quality image. If the surroundings have poor lighting, there is no point even if you have the greatest photo editing software in hand to get it done. The best time to click your photographs is early morning or late afternoon. Take care of appropriate light-fall and shadings too to get the best possible images.

Use the grid feature

If you are taking a shot with your smartphone, it is extremely useful to turn on the grid feature to align your frame well and create a perfect composition. You need to apply the ‘Rule of Thirds' principle while clicking photos, which is dividing your image using two vertical and two horizontal lines. You have to position the most significant elements where the lines meet. Make use of the negative space also to make the image more pleasing to the eye. We will discuss negative spacing as one of the points below.

Set the right angles

While taking a photograph, you can experiment with different angles to create an entirely different perspective. The experts that you should try high-up above, down below, diagonal and horizontal angles to get the best possible shots. You may be amazed to see the actual beauty, which lies in the most unexpected angles.

Always click multiple shots

No two shots will be similar when it comes to photography. So, when taking an image, always click multiple shots. With the most advanced digital cameras, you have the scope of clicking 10 to 20 different shots of the same subject at a time. Compare all these and identify which one can be chosen ideally for your Instagram post for a Like4Like campaign.

Utilize negative space

In photography, negative space is the area surrounding the main subject of the image. It is the negative space which entices a viewer to focus right on the subject or add contrast to the subject. So, you can think of a large plain wall or an empty grassland to serve this purpose well. For an excellent image, you need to give the same consideration to negative space as you would the main subject.

Capture even the minute details

The tiny details such as patterns and textures will make your photographs more attractive and elegant. On the Instagram app itself, there are many tools to sharpen the images and also to add more crispness and contrast to the photos to make them more beautiful.

Don’t zoom in

If you are taking an image with a smartphone, remember that you do not have a macro lens in it. If you want to take a close up, the best option is to go closer to the subject and click the best shot. Unwanted zoom in will end up in blurred photos in an average pixel camera.

Use of appropriate editing apps

There are plenty of new professional photo editing apps available now. One of the best among these to go well with Instagram photo editing is VSCO Cam for iOS and Android. With this app, you can adjust the lighting and focus of the images and can also apply the best possible filters to make your photos attractive.

Focus on quality, not quantity

This is one primary thing to keep in mind while taking a photograph for Instagram. If you want people to like what you do there, you should ensure quality continually. Manage your feed very carefully and also be highly selective while uploading photos. You do not get any advantage on frequently posting low-quality images, but perfect ones on time can surely get you on top.

Define your Instagram theme

You need to develop a unique Instagram theme if you are aiming at business promotions through this platform. A theme is the overall composition of your Instagram page and elements. Some select bold, bright colors as their theme, whereas others want to be neutral. If you own a business or brand, develop a theme that matches your company and current brand colors to ensure unanimity.

Use the most relevant hashtags

Last, but most importantly, always use relevant hashtags. Simply uploading images will not be enough if you want to gain popularity on Instagram. Proper hashtags are the community builders. They make your images searchable, through which you get the channels opened to connect with other like-minded users. There are more than 600 million users on Instagram now, and the hashtag is the unique way through which someone may find your posts.

For beginners, it is a slow and steady process to develop a reputed and well-connected Instagram account. For business users, there are a lot of new updates available to get Instagram as an appropriate social media marketing tool.

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