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Flowers online shop promotion case study: ROI 187%

Service: SEO promotion with payment based on traffic results. Niche: flowers and plants online shop. Two-month budget: $2,500. The period of works: 01/1 — 02/28/2014. Targeting: Ukraine.
Flowers online shop promotion case study: ROI 187% The client used to work with us for two years on SEO-promotion with a monthly fee. In 2013 he decided to work on promotion by himself. In 2014 he came to us again. We proposed him a pay-per-traffic SEO promotion service, which he liked.

What goals were set?

  1. Website traffic raise.
  2. Increase conversion rate.

What have we done to achieve these goals?

Internal optimization has always been a particularly important stage for large projects. To bring website into compliance with the recommendations of search engines the SEO-audit was made. Netpeak Spider was used as a main instrument for audit development, so the next steps were made:
  • mistakes and broken links were found;
  • wrong redirects were fixed;
  • title, description and keywords duplicates were found and fixed.
Rapid implementation of our recommendations let us see the result from the beginning of our work. The most important primary technical recommendations were associated with making unique landing pages on website. Which means that the work with duplicated pages and with site indexing had to be made. [caption id="attachment_180" align="aligncenter" width="530"]Site index growth graph for Google. Site index growth graph for Google.[/caption] An important point in the work on this project is the constant optimization of images.
Images are a big part of website content. Their amount is about 16000, and they can and must get the targeted traffic.
Writing the unique metatags alt and title, size optimization and making a competent sitemap for images sitemap.xml gave a positive additional traffic growth. [caption id="attachment_184" align="aligncenter" width="696"]The amount of views and clicks on images on Google's search raise. The amount of views and clicks on images on Google's search raise.[/caption]

What are we going to do next?

In the moment we are working on landing pages semantic markup for pages CTR rising, because main KPI indicators directly depend on that. The list of promoted keywords is constantly updated by our service Serpstat. Collected requests will be used for our internal linking “smart script” – “Trotsky” for the future optimization of PageRank distribution on landing pages of the site and for rising of the phrases relevance.

What kind of results we have achieved.

Seasonal factor is not included in the results because we compare regular intervals for 2013 and 2014.

1. Rising of non-branded organic search traffic by 60.82%:


2. The growth of non-branded traffic transactions by 17.25%:

image05 Dynamics of website visits from search engines since the beginning of promotion (since December 19, 2013). Here is an information from client’s Private dashboard: image00 All information is provided without the phone calls.

3. E-commerce data from Google Analytics:

Average margin for all product groups according to client: 25%; Income from Google Analytics for 2 month: $28,797; Gross profit for 2 month:  $28,797 * 0.25 = $7,199; Promotion costs: $2,500; ROI = ((Income * Margin) - customer’s spendings) / customer’s spendings = (($28,797 × 25%) - $2,500) / $2,500 = 187% (for 2 month).
The average conversion rate for non-branded search traffic was 0.96%, the average bill – $22.6. We are forecasting an increase of search traffic and transactions by 20% in the next three months. Perhaps someone thinks that 187% ROI is not the best result, but for this project it is still to come!
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    3 years ago

    Great article, there's some work for me to do now.

  2. 0
    3 years ago

    Great case as usual!
    How did you increased clicks and views of images in Google search so dramatically?

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