How to grow a startup: developing a successful business with digital marketing and modern technologies

Growing a business out of the startup phase is not easy in any way. It is tasking, costly and sometimes very frustrating. However, the thing that you should ask yourself is whether you are using the right tools and technologies that are available to help you in this journey of building your business.

One of the most important things in any business is understanding; the customers and their specific needs and preferences. Customers are the lifeline of any business. They are the ones who determine whether the business is going to perform well or not.

Why digital marketing

When you want to develop a startup, it is always connected with reaching broader target audience online, attracting customers and working on increasing their return rate. The great majority of startups do offer interesting and useful products that can provoke interest of more or less numerous audience. But to succeed in business development, you have to not only win the market, but to win the competitive struggle. Your product can be more effective, cheap, user-friendly, modern, stylish, etc. but you will never get to the top if nobody knows about it.

That is why each young and developing company comes to the necessity of developing an effective digital marketing strategy. To reach as many users as possible, you have to work with all bricks of digital marketing pyramid. But special accent has to be done on content marketing, social media marketing and SEO marketing.

Timing and analytics

However, when we talk about startups, we have to focus on optimization of all working processes. Therefore, it is important to define your most important targets clearly and specify the time frames for each of them. For the majority of startups, the first two years are extremely important: if you will survive through this critical period, you will have all chances for successful further development. therefore, timing plays specific role in startup marketing.

When you don’t have time for too much testing and choosing between the broad number of possible marketing strategies, you have to define the time periods within which you are able to test different approaches to promoting your business and make choice at the end of each period. How can you do it? That’s quite simple: you have to apply online analytics service (For example, Google Analytics), check and compare the most important metrics for your website and choose the marketing strategy that is the most effective, relevant and gives you the best possible results.

For content marketing, use keywords analysis tools (Such as Serpstat) to help your content get higher positions in SERP. Email marketing will require your operative work with creating, spreading and analyzing newsletters that can also be done better with the help of email marketing tool. For social media marketing, you will for sure need to systematize your posting and analyze the amount of likes and shares you receive for each of your posts.

For sure, you can try to build your digital marketing strategy without these services, but it will make your working process more complicated and less effective. This is where technologies like Salesforce and Flosum come in to help out, too. When it comes to collection of data, processing and even use of that data, you can try using Salesforce. It is a tool that you can leverage upon to grow your small business from its startup phase quite easily.

The role of modern technologies and services for online business development

The key question that every startup founder asks himself is what problem does his startup solve for the average customer. Such identification helps to clearly define the value of the product and focus on a particular group of users that will be the best potential clients for the company. This is made with the help of product, competitors and customer behavior research that will seriously lower expenses on marketing campaign.

Digital marketing is mostly associated with big or middle-sized companies, that are more likely to spend serious budgets on online promotion and are more interesting for making further campaign analyses and writing case studies. In contrast to that, startups prevail in volume, not in budget. However, marketing campaigns here are much more specified and concentrated on the main aim because every penny counts.

This is the additional argument for implementing online marketing services that will save you a lot of money and efforts spent on creating, optimizing and sharing content, communicating with target audience, placing ads, optimizing website, sending newsletters, etc.

One thing that is very important for businesses today is speed and agility. A business that is not able to respond to changes in its external environment is bound to have a hard time performing in the world market. There are systems that can help with the data migration processes that you are bound to conduct every once in awhile. Flosum is an even better tool that you can employ for such tasks of data migration.

Basically, the benefits of making use of such technologies include:

  1. Generating more business because you are able to capture leads and follow up on them
  2. Managing the sales cycles
  3. Tracking client accounts

A number of successful small businesses make use of Salesforce to keep up with new competition that may come its way. It is not as easy as it may sound but it is also not all that difficult. The only thing that you need to do is to get in touch with experts who have an understanding of these processes. Again, as abovementioned, it is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, you should not go in expecting instant returns. Such technologies are developed with the future in mind. Growing your business should never be a problem at all.


Small businesses face a lot of competition for large and established businesses. However, this is not to mean that they cannot be successful in their works. By use of online marketing tools, services and technologies your digital marketing has to receive the required first aid in the data processing and migration, the businesses can grow out of their startup phases pretty fast.

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