How to Stimulate Marketing Demand For a Brand Through Video Advertising: A Plastic Windows Online Store Case Study

Service: PPC.

Niche: Sale of metal-plastic windows.

Results: Traffic and the scope of new users significantly increased.

Why did the customer need video advertising on YouTube?

In terms of marketing, small-scale business enterprises don’t usually risk getting out of their comfort zone. They use established techniques and rarely invest in new promotion methods. However, video advertising on YouTube has been proven to be a long-term method. Flexible targeting and high level of user involvement has enormous potential for drawing attention to a brand. More detailed information about video advertising can be found in this post.

Competitor analysis showed that at the start of our campaign, only large brands were using Internet-based video advertising. The closest online store competitors preferred promotion via search and by means of banners.

Our customer’s aims were to:

  • increase brand awareness;
  • grow traffic to their site.

What audience was the advertising aimed at?

Among billions of YouTube users, advertising was aimed to prepossess brand target customers or address repeatedly those who had already interacted with company's website. Geotargeting was set for cities which had the company’s representative body or business unit.

The first created campaign was aimed at users on the basis of their interests:

  • “house reparation”
  • “doors and windows installation”

It is evident that one “meeting” with a brand is not enough to be memorable for a modern user. Therefore, the second campaign – remarketing – was created. It focused targeting at loyal users who spent more than three minutes on the website and those who didn’t order a ringing.

What results were achieved through video advertising?

First, positive results were evident almost immediately. Website traffic rates increased considerably after the start of video advertising campaign. Website visits were predominantly made from paid channels.

All traffic from 27 December 2014 to 24 February 2015

Video advertising attracts more attention than banners

The main purpose for the campaign launch on YouTube was to create branding. Let’s compare the obtained results to banner campaigns in the contextual and media networks used to reach the same targets.

Video advertising takes precedence of banner one according to the click-through rate. Obtained results also proved that the price for interaction in traditional campaign in KMS is higher, i.e., video carries information to users and draws their attention more effectively.

Is it necessary to use remarketing in branding campaigns?

Remarketing was an essential part of the campaign. It is crucial to remind a user of a brand if you want the user to think about your company at the moment he is ready to make an order. Let’s compare the results of video advertising to targeting at interests and remarketing.

As expected, the number of displays for a regular campaign considerably exceeded the remarketing scope, and it was the reason why users came to the website.

The average cost per view in the remarketing campaign was slightly higher, but the views coefficient was lower. This is because users who had already watched this advertisement were more inclined to press the “Skip” button within the first view seconds.

The advertising provider doesn’t pay for an ad demonstration. In this case, they receive the user’s attention for free.

During the last months of the campaign, the expenditure part increased as the list of loyal visitors was assembled.

The Results

  1. The online store managed to stand out from its competitors even though metal-plastic window sales has one of the highest competitive rates on the Internet.
  2. From the first days of video advertising implementation, the website traffic considerably increased and interaction cost was lower than the one for banners.
  3. The combination of regular advertising campaign and remarketing enabled us to considerably increase the scope of new user. We could also remind the clients who had already been familiar with the store.

Video advertising has yet to become the most popular advertising tool. However, our experience shows that the effective implementation of this format captures the attention of the target audience and transmits the necessary message in a powerful way.

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