PUMA success story: revenue growth of more than 100% from organic traffic and 30% from contextual advertising

Services: SEO and PPC.

Niche: clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Result: Annual growth in organic traffic revenue – 100+% and revenue growth from PPC advertising sources – 30%.

The Client

PUMA is one of the world leaders in sportswear and lifestyle products, focused on clothing, footwear, sports equipment, and perfumes. The company is known for its sponsorship contracts and advertising collaborations.

The Challenge

When we started our cooperation, the company had just entered the Ukrainian market. We had a new site with no historical data on sales online and no optimization.

Nevertheless, we were facing very straightforward tasks:

  • SEO – to increase revenue by 50% year-over-year;
  • PPC – to increase revenue by 30% year-over-year.

The Solution

Here's what we did for SEO promotion:

  1. We made a list of essential tasks for the site technical optimization and successfully implemented them, including optimizing Core Web Vitals metrics.
  2. Textual content was written and placed on all pages based on seasonality and priority analysis – the metadata for categories and product cards was also updated.
  3. We started writing and publishing informative articles on the blog according to the content strategy.
  4. We prepared and implemented a strategy for building external links. Before that, we analyzed the current client's and competitors' sites' link volume.
  5. For external optimization, we began to place press releases on well-known sites to announce new collections or collaborations.
  6. We set up an automatic tool that displayed the site's visibility according to the relevant semantic core and the distribution of market shares in the niche.

What we did to get results from contextual advertising:

  1. We switched from Last Click to Data-Driven attribution. So conversion data is used in determining the significance of each interaction.
  2. We developed an iterative approach to advertising activities and created a promotional communication schedule:
  • A short period before the start date of the promotion itself (preparatory), where we fueled interest in the upcoming promotion;
  • The start itself – maximum emphasis on gaining KPIs to reach as many people as possible for a minimum price;
  • After the launch (while the promotion is still active) – the priority is given to performance indicators – ROAS.
  1. We calculated LTV to establish affordable added value to new customers and used it successfully in Smart Shopping.
  2. Successfully tested and used new tools – True View for action with Shopping, Discovery, and others.
  3. Moved from tCPA campaigns to tRoas on Google and Facebook.

The Result

SEO promotion

  1. The top-ranking position for branded queries achieved – it used to belong to marketplaces and other online stores.

  1. The organic traffic has increased by more than 150%, with revenue growth of 100+% over the year.

Targeting and contextual advertising results:

  • We were able to increase revenue by 30% year-over-year.
  • CR was Increased by 20% year-over-year.


Anna Karpina, eCommerce Team Head at PUMA Ukraine:

PUMA is a globally recognized brand. When we decided to launch the PUMA website in Ukraine, we needed a team with robust expertise that would guarantee high-quality work performance and achievement of KPIs. 

We chose Netpeak, one of the leading agencies in Eastern Europe, since they made an offer that suited our requirements. Cooperation with Netpeak met our expectations, and we enjoyed their team's involvement in the project and quick responses to all requests and reviews. 

I would also highlight the Netpeak team's dedication and proactivity. The guys are constantly offering and trying something new: the first to introduce new tools and approaches, testing various hypotheses, and developing best practices.

Murager Sharipov, Senior Project Manager at Netpeak:

A new site is always a black box - you never know what you'll encounter. The lack of statistical data made our work challenging and enjoyable - like getting a jigsaw puzzle together.

I am very grateful for the trust and pleasant cooperation of the PUMA team. We were given complete carte blanche; we tried to take full advantage of it and, as you can see from the results, we succeeded.

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