SEO case study for gifts niche with ROMI 1236%

Service: SEO.
Niche: gifts.

Result: traffic increased by 77%, ROMI increased by 1236%.

The Client

Before contacting us client was promoting site by himself. The site had about 300 visitors a day from non-paid search traffic and was making an income on average of 10.000 RUB a month, that client decided to spend on promotion and contacted us.

The Challenge

  1. Website traffic raise.
  2. Raise the amount of conversions.
  3. Increase conversion rate.

The Solution

Primarily SEO audit for the site was made, and as a result the following problems were found:

  • duplicated content;
  • no configurations of indexing the site;
  • lots of useless pages in the search engines index (Spider helped to find them);
  • lack of human-friendly URLs;
  • non-optimized meta tags;
  • lack of navigation menu, image attributes and other nuances of the technical component.

The recommendations of correcting the following errors were given to client. Also we prepared recommendations for site texts quality. Client was making implementation of all changes and writing texts by himself. In general, it is worth noting the rapid implementation of all modifications, that made possible the acceleration of traffic growth and conversions increasing. Client was very interested in working together, problems and new ideas were constantly discussed. This is his distinctive feature from "average" business owner. Along with the internal workings of the site, we collected the keywords list and started the external optimization. We began with temporary and permanent links, after that we fully moved into permanent links and began to work on the improvement of social factors. Over a period of more than 2 years of partnership with client, much has been done for the development of the project:

  1. Expansion of the site structure.
  2. Interface design and redesign.
  3. Gifts ranking algorithm development and update.
  4. Development and implementation of the internal linking script (as a basis we took the Netpeak’s proprietary algorithm — "Trotsky" script).
  5. Sensitive adjustment of promotion strategies.

The Results

Search engines traffic dynamics:

Comparison of conversions in the off-season months of 2013: april and october. Here we can see a traffic increase of 77%:

ROMI increased by 1236%.

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