Social media marketing: The new star in the world of business promotion?

The world of online marketing has been greatly influenced by social media and thus has changed the face of SEO and PPC marketing for business. Google's search has hugely affected social media concerning search engine ranking. Over the years we have seen many social media marketing companies trying to create brand awareness through social media marketing.

Previously, most of the traffic used to come from search engines and paid traffic. That has entirely changed over the years. Nowadays, internet bloggers and marketers alike are opting for new marketing strategies for social media so that they can pull targeted traffic streams from various social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc.

Now it is evident that all social media bloggers will have social media profiles. From the blogger's perspective, social media traffic is one of most targeted traffic that is available, and it is free. And from the brand perspective, they get feedbacks from their loyal supporters by conducting various social media campaigns. Overall, the relation between the blogger and their followers and turning them into paying subscriber/customer is all based on the element of trust. Crafting an effective Social Media Marketing strategy is crucial for businesses and bloggers alike to leverage the power of social media platforms and build meaningful connections with their audience.

Basics of Social Media Marketing

SMM or Social media marketing is just creating one's brand and building its awareness among potential customer/followers through targeted traffic from various social media websites. These sites may vary from Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest, Youtube and other such community forums.

Social media marketing mostly relies on community interactions, and it can be placed anywhere people interact with each other.

Different kinds of social media platforms for various kinds of activities and interest

Social media marketing is impossible without content sharing. However, it is not primarily about sharing content wherever you can as much as you can.

Social media platforms vary in their main aims, typical features, audience and the focus content type. Moreover, there are other characteristics to be taken into account when you are working on the post to be published. It is essential to analyse different social media sites and other content sharing platforms to identify the type of content that will produce maximum possible effect:

1. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, Flickr and such websites are where people share similar kind of media such as videos, images, songs, texts, etc.

2. Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. are such sites where people bookmark their favorite URLs and can share them publicly later.

3. Techmeme is a website where people can submit news articles and then it can be placed in search according to popularity.

4. Also another important platform is apps through smartphones since they are becoming a precious tool in everyday life. Thus social apps like Foursquare and Viber cannot be ignored, and their significance must be acknowledged, and these can be a booming platform for social media marketing in future.

Of course, Youtube and Facebook are currently few of the most famous and well known social media platforms that are active among users.

How bloggers can use social media for marketing

Blogging and social media are concepts that go deliberately hand in hand. Bloggers cannot thrive if they do not have an active social media presence and social media plays a huge part in the success of a blog. It is not possible to demonstrate or cover promotion techniques for every social media website blogging simply because each of the blogs and each of the sites work differently than each other. However, there are some basic factors that one can keep in mind while starting social media marketing.

What to do and not to do on social media to build your brand?

Firstly you have to know about the human touch and stop being mechanical on social media. You need to put people's emotions forward and offer content based on that. The first and foremost thing one needs to do is decide their niche and then cater to that. Now getting good numbers is, of course, good for any business but it is more important to focus on targeted users than just statistics. Untargeted visitors may cause negativity.

Do keep an eye on latest social media trends and upcoming news related to your niche, target users based on their demographics and maintain the profile information updated. Avoid over posting at all cost. Don't ever insult your fans and subscribers. And definitely, do not spend too much time on any social media sites. The measure of any good business is making good sales and from a blogger’s perspective the amount of traffic conversion can be a good sign.

Now there is paid traffic and organic traffic and big businesses can invest on paid traffic to increase their site to avoid falling into debt.

But if the company fails to make a profit and eventually does fall in debt, there is always a way of debt consolidation.

Business debt consolidation

Debts are something that occurs when you cannot manage to pay the loan within your given time limit. Learning to manage your business debt will clear your future as the owner and for your business. Your company will receive professional advice and financial counseling. Business debt consolidation not only reduces the balance on credit card debts but also on medical bills, repossessions, certain business debts and other unsecured loans. This method also ensures that the creditors do not harass you at home or your office.


The profit companies will give you good advice in general but they will charge you some money for their services. You can pay them while your debt rate becomes small. But steer clear of companies that ask you to pay even if you don't get any benefit from their advice.

For more information on business debt consolidation, check out the info available online:

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