Strategies to Use for Coping Up with Your SEO Campaign Failure

There are numerous reasons that could be contributing to the failure of your SEO campaigns. However, when you are confronted with a failed SEO campaign, it is essential for you to stay calm and patient. You need to think of ways to recover. It is important for you to keep trying till you are back on top again. It surely is heart-breaking to see your SEO campaign fall flat.

The bitter truth associated with the digital marketing world is that some campaigns would succeed and numerous campaigns would be total flops due to many reasons. All marketers would need to be mentally prepared for handling both success and failure with equal calm. The point is not to get overboard with success and not get bogged down and shattered with failure. Remember not all campaigns that are launched by you are bound to succeed. You must think positive. A campaign that is not hugely successful should not be written off as a complete flop.

Remember failure does not necessarily imply that the show is over. It obviously means that you need to try again with complete dedication and increased tenacity. Now is the time to find out exactly what had gone wrong and how to overcome the blunders the next time. You could address the SEO agency which would offer effective professional advice for SEO success.

Common Reasons Contributing to SEO Failure

There could be numerous reasons accounting for your SEO failure but two of the most common reasons are discussed below.


Even though it is not necessary for you to spend an astronomical amount on your SEO campaigns, remember your budget is a key factor and if it is not managed properly, you are in for trouble. Most businesses launch their SEO campaigns with unrealistic budgets and illogical timelines. They hope that they would get brilliant outcomes overnight without investing enough.

Goals & Aspirations

Often companies encounter flop SEO campaigns simply because they have been unimaginative and unrealistic about their objectives, goals, and aspirations. You simply cannot assume that you would achieve a brilliant SERP ranking for each and every relevant keyword overnight. You may not achieve that even in the next couple of months. It is not that simple and easy to get a high SERP ranking for all your keywords. That would be an unrealistic assumption.

You must think objectively while launching your SEO campaign. Instead of concentrating on several keywords simultaneously, you may initiate with just a single product or keyword for optimizing. Once the campaign is successful, consider building on it. Build on your success to achieve your objectives and aspirations. However, be realistic about timelines and keep in mind that success cannot be achieved overnight.

Effective Tips for Handling Situation When Things Go Haywire

Re-Evaluation of the Campaign Is the Key

Once your SEO campaign falls flat, you may be tempted to give it all up. But you had devoted a lot of energy, efforts, and time on the campaign. Do not let all that go to a total waste. You must reassess the situation and identify exactly what had gone wrong and what was the precise cause of the failure and think of ways to rectify the situation. First of all, examine your content and see if it was really good enough and original. You must come up with 100 % genuine, top quality and relevant content only.

You must carefully evaluate your outreach. No point shooting unsolicited emails. You need to identify the right audience and you must work on building and fortifying the bond. Communication and interaction with your target audience is the key. You could begin with engaging with your audience. Start commenting on their Facebook posts and start tweeting. Send your amazing content and keep tracking your outreach with effective tools that tell you whether your emails were opened.

Retrial of Your SEO Campaign

Once you have identified the loopholes, you must try once more. You must think anew about the campaign based on your information regarding the factors that led to the failure of the campaign. You must use the feedback effectively when you are trying the second time.  Keep trying again if in your judgment the content is brilliant and your audience would love it. Remember you need to have faith. If your content actually is great, it is bound to work eventually.

Go for a Content Revision

If you see no positive outcomes of your SEO campaign, it is better to consider changing your content provided you feel that your campaign has the required potential. You could transform the content into a blog for your website or you could even consider making a video for your social media platform.


It is deeply disheartening to see your SEO campaign flop. But you need to realize that all marketing campaigns cannot succeed despite the potential. Examine the features that worked fine and identify the things that went terribly wrong. Take a prompt and effective decision about the way to achieve progress objectively. Always keep in mind that success is waiting for you.

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