Case Study: ASO for Mobility as a Service App – Increased Impressions from Search by 40% and Units by 43%

Service: App Store Optimization.
Niche: Mobility as a Service.
Team: RadASO.

Results: Increased installs by 43% and ranked in the top 5 for many of the popular searches.

The Client

Uklon is a leading Ukrainian ridesharing service.

It is a product IT-company which develops and supports one of the largest infrastructures in the Ukrainian market by enabling interaction between drivers and passengers.

The Uklon team uses the latest technological solutions and methods, implements intelligent tools, and strives to be the technological leader in its field.

The Challenge

For this client, we had the following goals.

  • Increase the app's visibility in App Store search.
  • Increase organic traffic by 20% in two iterations (compared to three months before optimization).

The Solution

  1. Collection of the semantic core in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
  2. Elaboration and expansion of the actual semantic core. We deleted irrelevant queries, estimated the popularity of queries and added new relevant queries.
  3. Preparation of metadata for the three localizations with a focus on Ukraine. The Uklon application had an optimized page for Ukraine. We updated it (changed the metadata) and used the Russian English UK localization to increase the semantic core, as these localizations are indexed in Ukraine.
  4. The first iteration included a compilation of metadata with relevant keywords. Position and search traffic analytics were done.
  5. In the second iteration, keywords that failed to get into the top 5 were replaced with more relevant keywords.

We had limited ability to use keywords in the visible part of the metadata, namely the title and subtitle. The client wanted to emphasize the brand, which made it difficult for ASO specialists. The brand and tagline took up space that could have been used for key queries.

The Results

As a result of our actions, we were able to increase the app's impressions from search by 40% and units by 43%.


We were also able to rank among the top 5 for certain high-frequency queries.

Growth of Impressions on the chart.


Murager Sharipov, project manager of the Enterprise department:

Love for details, meticulous and structured work allows us to see the goal and the way to achieve it. We had a challenge and by expanding the semantic core, adding relevant queries, adding two localizations, we have achieved results.

Vadim Ischenko, Head of Marketing at Uklon:

Our team is regularly tweaking and improving the application and adding new services. For example, calling a car with a protective partition for extra safety during a pandemic. There are a lot of other cool things we talk about online and through outdoor advertising. But there are a lot of strong competitors in the market — and they are also improving their service and strengthening the app.

So we're pumping up the technical part as well — the ability to find us faster and easier among other cab ordering services.

We chose ASO for this. We are happy with the result. We are sure that this is not the limit.

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