Case Study: SEO for Commercial Trading Platform – Boosted Organic Traffic by 124%

Service: SEO.
Niche: Auction.

Results: Increased the number of users from organic traffic by more than 124%, raised visibility of the site by 200% yearly.

The Client

SmartTender emerged in 2013 and was one of the first commercial trading platforms. It is the established official platform of Prozorro and Prozorro.Sales for organizing governmental and commercial trading.

The Challenge

  1. To increase organic traffic.
  2. To improve visibility of the site's primary pages for relevant semantics.

The Solution

First, we analyzed backlinks of the closest direct competitors on organic search. As a result, to enhance the brand in the search results, we started including the name of the brand in the text part of links and increased share of “nofollow” links — this gave the profile a more natural look (from the perception of search engines).

Then, we increased the number of placements on sites with higher domain ratings and share of organic traffic. We identified referring links to failed pages of the SmartTender website that gave a 404 error response. After clicking through them, the user cannot see the expected page and would most likely leave the page. For each of these links, we set up 301 redirect to the correct pages with 200 response of the server.

We optimized the content and structure of the site as it was important to increase the relevance of priority pages. We also expanded the structure of the site. To do so, we added landing pages into the sections "Prozorro.Sales" and "Prozorro.Purchases" for the industries of construction, food, medicine and so on.

Another indicator of quality is the text content of the landing page. We expanded it for the newly created pages and prepared technical tasks for the content, taking into account relevant search queries and texts on similar competitor pages.

The Results

  1. Increased dynamics of visits from organic traffic on Ukrainian version of the site by 24%.

  1. Increased dynamics of organic traffic on specific sections of the site by 225%.

  1. Monthly increase in visits from the organic channel on certain directions of the site by more than 60%.

  1. Increased visibility of the website year by year.

  1. Built a stable natural rise in the backlinks from good quality relevant sites.

  1. Increased the number of users from organic search by over 124%.

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