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SEO case sudy for accessories for travelling webstore: ROMI 743%

Service: SEO.
Niche: accessories and items for travelling.
Region: Bulgaria.

Result: revenue up to $76 417 (excluding offline sellings and telephone sellings).

The Client

We have been working on a project for a year, and during the whole period of time we had technical problems with website. Let’s see what results we’ve got after solving these problems.

Specifics of the project

  • There is a developed network of client’s stores in the biggest cities of the country. Offline brand management is executed at a very high level.
  • High average item price – over $112.


Let’s start from the very beginning. Below you can see the organic traffic stats before collaboration.

organic traffic stats before collaboration

The Challenge

The main goal was to increase number of sellings. To achieve this goal, we formed a few secondary goals:

  • website traffic growth;
  • solving all technical problems;
  • website structure supplement;
  • landing pages optimization.

The Solution

After the implementation of technical audit we were able to form general strategy of promotion. What has been done:

  • Full semantic core for all site pages has been collected using and Keyword Planner Google Adwords.
  • Seasonality for every category of site has been detfined, priorities for our tasks has been set and we have aslo elaborated a work plan.
  • Webite structure has been completed with new categories and subcategories using collected semantic core. At the same time, we have faced a delay on programmers’ side. We have been waiting for creation of new categories, subcategories and restructuring during two months. If we had got fast response, client would have had positive result from promotion much more earlier. It is very important for SEO promotion to have a good communication with software developing specialist. If communication is organized well and SEO-tasks have right priority, project won’t be limited in it’s development. Implementation of technical tasks from client’s side need two-sided participation because principle “say and forget” is inappropriate.
  • Using Netpeak Spider, we have found and deleted all duplicates of pages. Limited indexing of useless pages and tried to limit scanning of useless documents by robots.

What else has been done?

  • Setting of internal linking script and distribution of internal link juice.
  • Site speed optimization.
  • Metadata optimization for landing pages.
  • Writing of optimized content.
  • Organic link building.

The Results

Organic traffic raised by 70% per 11 months, transactions - by 74,41%, revenue - by 49,32%.


In September (peak month) organic traffic raised by 127,18%, transactions - by 226,32%, revenue - by 105,42%.

organic traffic raised

We can observe permanent positive dynamic of organic traffic what is an effect of technical audit implementation and regular works with website.

 regular works with website

Screenshot from Client’s Dashboard including information about last 5 month of work:

about last 5 month of work

Let’s count ROI for 01.04.2014 — 31.05.2015:

Income = Profit * Average margin.

ROI = (Income − Promotion spending) / Promotion spending.

Promotion spending=2 266$.

Profit= $76 417.

Average margin = 25%.

Income = $76 417 * 0,25 = $19 104.

ROMI = ($19 104 − $2 266) / $2 266 * 100% = 743%.

Website visability trend in (according to Serpstat).

according to SerpstatKeyword position distribution:

Keyword position distribution

Keywords trend:

Keywords trend

Considering fact that online sellings are only 10% from all sellings we can say that this project is successful. Work on project is continue: new keywords is appearing, technical errors, new tactics, requirements for mobile optimization and other aspects we have to take into account at the next stage.

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