Case for the online store lifting from the Google Panda penalty: ROI 338%

Service: SEO.
Niche: heating and water supplying equipment.

Result: traffic increased by 126,54%, income increased by 121,04%, ROMI: 338%.

The Client

Before cooperating with Netpeak the project has been promoted by another company. But the quality of provided services did not satisfy the client. After the long search for a contractor the client decided to work with our company. By all indications, the project came to us with a Google Panda penalty.

The Challenge

The final goal was to increase the number of sales. But at the start we got several problems:

  1. Spam in the text.
  2. Spam in meta-tags.
  3. Generated h1.

More convincing was the analysis of traffic sources (traffic means non-branded organic search traffic) in March.

Analysis of traffic sources (traffic means non-branded organic search traffic) in March

The Solution

  1. SEO-audit, in which special attention was given to writing a quality pattern of generation for title, description, keywords and headers h1.
  2. Fixed internal links, link to the page with the 404th server response.
  3. Press release was written.
  4. Linkbuilding, working on quality and natural links.
  5. Were written and posted on the site texts for humans.
  6. External links were checked.
  7. Recomendations for opimization images for the Searching Engines requirements.
  8. robots.txt was composed.
  9. The site structure was developed and changed.
  10. A lot of another minor, but no less important work.

The Results

1. Traffic increased by 126,54%.

Here and below the april information (1.04.2014 — 30.04.2014) is compared with the past period (2.03.2014 — 31.03.2014):

Audience Overview

2. Income increased by 121,04%.

 Now we should consider, that $3,986 income is a basic income, that we have on this site, though in February it was $2424.

3. Resulting ecommerce income: $8,810 - $3,986 = $4,824.
4. ROMI: 338% (without calls).

In this case only the difference in sales was taken into account, though usually all sales are considered for the month. So here we can see income, that client wouldn’t get if he didn’t decide to work with us. Here is the power of quality SEO-audit :)

As we can see, Google traffic took the leading position.

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