Case Study: How Smart Prioritization Helped an Albanian Marketplace Grow in Sales by 643% in 7 Months

Service: SEO.

Niche: Marketplace.

Target area: Albania.

The Client is an online store in Albania that sells various goods ranging from electronics to furniture and books.

The Challenge

The client contacted Netpeak Agencies Group to increase sales in Albania through organic traffic. The client had launched two language versions (Albanian and English), and it was necessary to conduct a technical audit and eliminate the most critical errors. After that, it was possible to start full-fledged SEO promotion.

Promotion Strategy

During the project, we decided to adhere to the strategy of "reasonable prioritization". This means that it was necessary not only to conduct an SEO audit and eliminate all potential problems but also to select only the tasks that would have the greatest impact in the short term.

The Solution

  1. Due to limited resources, both financially and time-wise, it was necessary to identify the most critical problems for SEO promotion. By eliminating them, it was possible to increase organic traffic to the site with minimal effort. We also needed to produce results as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

From our analysis, we found a list of standard technical problems:

  • incorrect 301 redirects;
  • canonical attributes were not configured;
  • incorrect meta tags, title, and description;
  • massive duplication of product pages.

We fixed almost all the critical technical SEO errors. We also solved  the problem with duplicated product pages by configuring canonical attributes for duplicate product pages on one main product page.

Additionally, we created a lot of texts for priority category pages and created new subcategories in priority categories (the green cells are new subcategories).


  1. Another important focus was link-building. As not many Albanian sites were prepared to post articles, the placements took place mostly on the English version of the pages.

This strategy made it more difficult to achieve results for keywords in Albanian, but the client’s competitors also had few links in Albanian from Albanian domains. Therefore, the main task was to increase the number of referring domains so that the site as a whole was ranked better.

The Results

Organic traffic to the site increased. According to Google Search Console, the site had 178% more traffic in November 2023 compared to May 2023.


Organic traffic from Albania to the site in November 2023 increased by 243% compared to May 2023, based on data from Google Search Console.


In May 2023, there were 36 keywords in the top 3 and 64 in the top 4 to top 10. This improved drastically. In November 2023, there were 199 keywords in the top 3 and 372 in the top 4 to top 10.


The data for the entire promotion period is shown below.


At the same time, Google Search Console data revealed that the revenue of the SEO channel increased by 643.5% compared to May 2023.




Ardi Kristovald, the client

Thank you to the Netpeak Agency team for the SEO promotion of the Supermart online store and for taking into account all the project's constraints and requirements in the work.

Ganna Soloviova, SEO Team Lead at Netpeak Agency Ukraine

I would like to thank Ardi for his timely feedback.

During our monthly calls, it was always possible to synchronize the goals to prioritize and to listen to each other’s opinions.

It's nice to see the results of promotion after such close and collaborative work between the two sides.

Olexandra Kurchenko, Middle Project Manager at Netpeak Alliance

Thanks to the joint work of the Supermart and Netpeak teams and their professionalism and collaborative efforts, we achieved a remarkable 243% increase in organic traffic.

Effective communication, synchronized actions, and information exchange were pivotal in defining and implementing a successful SEO strategy for the business. The website's potential is significant, and our partnership with Netpeak instills 100% confidence in achieving even more daring and ambitious business goals.

Special thanks to Ardi Kristovald, the Group CEO of the project, for the trust placed in our team. This case is just the beginning of our collaborative journey, and I look forward to more victories and successes ahead

Alexey Chizh, SEO Specialist at Netpeak Agency Ukraine

During the project, the team listened to the client and his request for maximum results at minimum cost. During the promotion, the priority was not to solve all possible problems on the site but to optimize the SEO-critical aspects. As a result, it turned out to be a productive collaboration with good results.

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