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An internet marketing career is profitable and exciting, but it isn’t easy. Internet marketers rely on many tools and processes to guarantee profit with the least risk possible. No one wants to invest thousands of dollars into a campaign only to watch it collapse because it couldn’t produce conversions, yet this happens every day. The key to running a successful campaign that makes money is to have all the information possible, then act only on the most reliable data.

This is where Keyword Research comes in. Keyword Research is something that every new internet marketer needs to understand, because it could be the difference between a failed campaign and a profitable one. Keyword research offers the internet marketer a sense of certainty in a business where almost nothing is certain.

What is Keyword Research, and Why Does it Matter?

Keyword research is a method used by internet marketers to ensure that a website reaches the audience that it is supposed to.

To be more precise: Keywords research is the act of collecting key terms (products, services) from a website studying the way that customers use and locate those same terms.

Keyword research is a way of bringing together the product that you want to sell with the way the market describes that product. The internet is a global community made up of many different languages. Naturally, many people have different ways of finding the product they want, and different ways of using the product once they find it. The vocabulary and intentions of customers can change regionally, by age, or by social class. When an affiliate marketer researches a keyword, they get insight into how people are finding the product, and why. The goal when researching keywords is to find the most common ways that people describe that product, so the website can be primed to draw in the widest audience possible. The more targeted the audience, the more likely they are to convert their visit into a sale, and the more likely the internet marketer is to make a profit. Naturally then, Keyword Research is a vital part of any internet marketing campaign. Many internet marketers test for multiple keywords at the same time, and launching a campaign without researching keywords would strike most veteran marketers as a waste of time and money. Even if you’re launching your first website, proper research is of vital importance. Below, we explain how to actually begin researching your keywords.

How can Marketers Research Keywords?

Researching keywords can seem daunting to someone who has never tried doing it before. It involves a lot of understanding and even instincts that most new internet marketers have not had time to develop yet. New marketers can benefit from keywords research however, and they can do so while building the process that they’ll use for researching keywords for the rest of their career. To make things easy, we’re going to separate keyword research into clear steps that can be followed from beginning to end.

Start with Your Website

The first step in researching keywords is to assess the website that you will be researching for. If you’ve built your website to sell a product or service, then you probably know many different ways to describe it, and many different ways to use the product that you’re selling. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and write down all the search terms that customers may try to use to find you. Think of as many as you can. It doesn’t matter if they are accurate enough yet, because that is what you will be finding out next. For example, if you are trying to sell Hats, you may consider a series of keywords like: Hat, hats, Headwear, cap, baseball cap, fedora, etc. You will probably want many more keywords than this, but you get the idea. It is vital that the keywords you choose are relevant to your website, and we’ll explain why later. Your next step is to test how well these keywords fit the terms that are actually being used by customers. Your research will demonstrate how often people search for the terms you are trying to use.

Research Your Terms

Now, you will input the keywords that you have isolated into a keyword research tool. This is where things become slightly more complicated. First, there are many keyword research tools to choose from. So many, in fact, that it would be impossible for us to list all of them and keep your attention. To say there are hundreds would be a low estimate. Some keyword research tools even require purchasing software or subscriptions. Perhaps these pricy programs are useful to experienced marketers with very competitive campaigns, but most people will not need them. Even some of the most famous internet marketers still use popular free programs. Many of the best free research tools are owned by the search engines themselves, so there is no point in questioning their legitimacy: they are uniquely placed to provide the most accurate information. How to do keywords research with Google Adwords


Google provides several great tools for researching keywords. We’re going to look at two of them, and explain why they are treasured so much by marketers in the field. Those are Google Adwords Keyword Estimator and Google Insights for Research. Google Adwords Keyword Tool: is an excellent tool to begin researching your keywords. Simply type in your keyword or phrase, and this tool will immediately tell you several things. It will tell you the level of competition, the Global Monthly Searches, and the Local Monthly searches. All of these are vital to understanding how to build your campaign. The level of competition will help you assess how much you may need to pay for a cost-per-click campaign (though there is a better tool for that) and the monthly searches will let you know how many people are looking for that product. The searches list will also tell you the exact phrases customers are using to find websites for your term, which allows you to narrow down your terms to only the most useful. You are probably beginning to understand now why keyword research is so important. Google Insights for Research: Is another awesome free tool that builds on the one before it. Google Insights allows you to track how many people have researched a keyword on a month-to-month basis. This is something any internet marketer will want to know before paying for keywords. Is your keyword becoming more popular, or less? If it is becoming more popular, you may be jumping into the market at just the right time. If it is becoming less popular, you may want to limit your investment until you see what will be happening in the future. A similar tool called Google Trends can also help marketers track where keywords are moving.


Microsoft only provides one primary keyword research tool, but it is an incredibly well-featured one. Unlike Google’s web-based programs, Microsoft Advertising Intelligence (Formerly AdCenter) must be downloaded on the computer, where it then works with Microsoft Excel. MSAI is considered useful by many internet marketers because it allows them to create savable records of everything they are researching. Considering that you may want to commit everything you do to a spreadsheet in the first place, using MSAI could save a lot of time. Of course, these options only represent some of the most common free research tools on the internet. There are many more to take advantage of. Be careful though, not all of them are worth using, so you may want to stick to the trusted options until you hear good things from the internet marketing community. Now that you know the terms that you want, and you’ve researched them to bring them in line with the terms customers are using, you should go back to your website and begin implementing what you’ve learned.

Implement What You’ve Learned

Armed with a strong list of new or improved keywords, you are ready to start capitalizing on them. The first thing you’ll want to do is bring the terms on your website in line with the terms you’ve researched. Replace keywords with more effective ones wherever possible, and find ways that you can make your product more in line with what your research shows you customers want. If you’ve found a particularly strong keyword for a product related to yours, you may want to consider offering it. Once you are positive that your website is primed for the market, you can begin purchasing keywords.

Go Forth and Conquer

Keyword research is the best way to predict the profitability of any campaign. Once you understand how to research keywords effectively, you’ll find that you understand a lot more about why campaigns succeed and fail than you ever did before. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide. While it contains a lot of information, keyword research is a very big business and new techniques and tools are being created every day. The best way to learn most careers is to simply get out and do it, Internet Marketing is no exception.

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