Measuring Tape ASO Case Study – Increasing Organic App Installs From Zero to 20,000 per Month

Service: App Store Optimization.

Niche: Mobile applications.
Team: RadASO.

The Client

Measuring Tape is an ARKit technology-based app that measures objects with the camera of a smartphone. It is the perfect solution for interior designers, architects, contractors, real estate agents and anyone in need of quick measurements.

Measuring Tape was one of the first apps for this client. Our task was to prove the effectiveness of search engine optimization as a tool to increase free installs and produce results.

The Challenge

First of all, we needed to include and fill in all available localizations. The goal of optimization is to increase the number of indexed relevant keywords at the top of the search results, as this helps to grow traffic.

The Solution

Since the App Store provides a starting boost in the first weeks after the release of a new app, we prepared metadata sets across 39 localizations for the app launch. It quickly gained traction due to regular iterations of metadata and has reached 20,000 monthly installs so far.

Initially, we researched competitor data and compiled a voluminous semantic core.

Then, we worked with metadata. In each subsequent iteration, we tried using new keywords in the metadata, and also moved them to the most significant field - the title. Then, we checked how this would affect the ranking. In that manner, we iterated over the entire pool of keywords in order to identify the optimal set of metadata.

After that, we continued to update the metadata in selected locales at least once a month, to ensure that the text ASO stayed relevant.

The Results

As a result, we managed to rank in the top positions for a variety of keywords. The improved ranking led to an increase in impressions and installs, from zero to 20,000 per month.

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