Netpeak RadASO: Entering the Market for Comprehensive Mobile App Promotion

In the spring of 2020, we encouraged businesses to search for new customers using App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads. Today, we took the last step toward full-service mobile promotion by closing a deal to buy 51% of RadASO, a mobile marketing agency.

The RadASO team consists of nine specialists from three countries. The agency was founded in February 2018 by Radomir Novkovic. During this time, RadASO increased the number of app installs for several well-known companies. They include ABBYY (FineScanner, Business Card Scanner, TextGrabber), Room Planner, Photo Transfer, VOCHI Video Effects, Fines UA, and over a hundred happy clients kept anonymous due to NDAs.

RadASO is the first and only company to offer an ASO service in which clients pay only for results; the company assumes all the risks of possible failed promotion. Such confidence is based on having a tailored analytical tool with unique algorithms, the development of which took several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. This tool (Netpeak Mobile Search Algorithm) automatically brings your apps to the top of the market — a kind of Magic Pillow in the ASO world.

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Here are the goals and plans of the new division (Netpeak RadASO) as explained by its managers, Dmitry Piskaryov and Radomir Novkovich.

CEO Netpeak Dmitry Piskaryov

Dmitry Piskarev, CEO at Netpeak

Since 2006, Netpeak has specialized in performance marketing for businesses. A few years ago, we turned our attention to the mobile app market. We launched successful mobile advertising campaigns for OLX, LeBoutique, and other renowned brands. The RadASO agency is a Ukrainian leader in App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads. Together with RadASO, we have gained unique automation technologies, experience, and a strong brand in the mobile application promotion field. Netpeak's competence will strengthen RadASO in business systematization, processes, and customer engagement.

Radomir Novkovich, CEO at Netpeak RadASO

Radomir Novkovich, CEO at Netpeak RadASO

Running an agency greatly differs from doing quality ASO on your own. While I had experience in the business of founding and growing agencies, this was not what I wanted to do. Therefore, I consulted with the professionals from Netpeak Agency, who are the best in the system development business in Ukraine. I proposed that they expand the range of their services because it looks pretty organic. In terms of the structure of the service, ASO is similar to SEO, while ASA resembles PPC.

They are developing the agency as a business, and I will remain in the role of a player-coach. I will keep writing articles for the journal (hopefully more often), solving App Store algorithms, automating processes, and ensuring the quality of our services remain high. I want to take this opportunity to announce that we are looking for a Head of Marketing, Content Manager, Head of ASA, and ASO specialists.

As Netpeak's second major purchase in six years, in 2014, the agency acquired 51% of the Sofia-based SEO studio Since then, the company has grown fivefold, made the cover of Forbes Bulgaria, and become a leader in performance marketing in Bulgaria.

What's next: We are looking for teams and business leaders

We are currently looking for niche agencies that are ready to join Netpeak. Specifically, small and energetic teams with savvy executives who feel like they have reached the ceiling, don't know what to do next, or don't have the time. We are not looking for business projects, as we want people to develop the areas we're interested in. Running a business is a prerequisite as it filters out random people.

We are interested in the following niches:

  1. SMM.
  2. Sales of landing pages.
  3. Development of brand positioning and marketing strategies.
  4. Media (not performance) agencies that purchase advertising for brands not on Google or Facebook (these platforms are already well covered by us).

We need self-sufficient, mature, and reliable professionals who are also self-motivated and eager to learn. In return, we will provide investment and an entire business infrastructure.

  1. We will help build a production team and provide our platform, which comes with a group of financiers, lawyers, accountants, sysadmins, developers, security specialists, analysts, HR specialists, and office managers.
  2. We will provide an ERP system, manuals, practices, and workflows to follow.
  3. We will hold fantastic team-building events; onboard newbies; resolve issues with landlords; and deal with the thousands of administrative tasks that often burden business managers. 

If you (or someone you know) are drowning in a business routine, Netpeak is ready to take it over and give you strategy, clients, specialists, and software. You will have the freedom to do what you truly want: build a project with a strong team of like-minded people, not maintain it. If you are interested, send a direct message to Dmitry Piskarev, CEO of Netpeak Agency.

Perhaps we will write the next page of Netpeak history together.

Netpeak Group is ready to acquire business projects from all over the world. We are looking for small agencies, mobile apps, and SaaS companies committed to actively growing with us. Learn more about the benefits of business collaboration with an agency and a group of companies.

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